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Tolerance question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Moonstomper, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hello gc!

    Since last weekend, i've started smoking weed again after quitting in octobre due to drug testing. Well, I smoked hardcore for a week in april because I knew for sure I wasn't going to get tested in that week but except for that I didn't smoke since octobre.

    Anyways, the first joint (last weekend, friday) I thought i'd be absolutely destroyed but I actually had to finish my friend's joint because he was too stoned and he couldn't finish lol. We smoked 2 joints together and I could handle better than him. I was like, wtf is this. I'm not supposed to have tolerance. My highs are really really great though, i'm not complaining. I used to get headaches and paranoia and stuff but now I really enjoy smoking weed again but i'm just not as high anymore as I used to be. You know, the full body giggly couchlock high. I also used to drink coke at parties when I was blitzed cause I couldn't handle beer anymore but now I just never feel like drinking soda, I just take beer.

    So idk, unexplainable tolerance.. Or does anyone have an explanation for it? :D Thanks
  2. Only smoke once a day.
  3. im going on a 3 day t break and i will be plenty stoned
  4. It's really just you becoming comfortable with the plant, the only way you can get stupid high again is to take a long enough break to completely forget what weed feels like THEN do it. I took a ten month break against my will and it did wonders , but weekly breaks only help lower my consumption of weed. I love not getting stupid when I'm stoned, I can actually do things now while stoned and still enjoy the great effects
  5. I quit for a month due to testing and i came back and my tolerance was nearly gone. Maybe you were just smoking some reggie or something.
  6. No its not regs, its weed from holland :D It's what you guys would call dank. Well i'm not gonna think too much about it, just enjoy my nice not-so-floored highs. Thanks :D
  7. Grind the weed really Good Get the weed and roll a fatty wait till its night and get on the roof and smoke it look at the stars daze off.....
    There's no way your not getting high

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