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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GouGe AwAy 04, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Im having 4 wisdom teeth extracted later this month and im worried about my opiate tolerance. With the habit ive built up im positive vicodin will have no effect on the pain. The problem is i dont know how to go about asking for stronger meds without coming across as an addict, but i also dont wanna be hurting after they get removed. Anyway to pull off getting stronger pain meds?
  2. just say you've had vicodin for your other current injury (make something up...shiit it's just a dentist right? lol) and be like it's not working at all and maybe he'll believe you...
  3. yeah, im gunna have the same problem, what you do is take the script for the weak vics prolly m357's 5/500's and then you call your dentist/doctor and tell them your in extreme pain and they make you itch, and then they will move you on to some good percs :)
  4. I totally just realized there's someone bending over with no pants in your avatar. I thought they had pants on last night... hmm.

    Anyway, it's not possible to quit taking opiates until your surgery?
  5. i mean it is and i wouldnt get that sick but im not gonna lie im pretty hooked on dope so its not that likely ill stay off until the surgery..even if i could i dont think my tolerance would drop enough for vicodin to take care of me
  6. You should take a T-Break anyway just so you when you return it takes less and that leaves a little more green in your pocket. Just asking, how do you keep such a habit with the costs involved? Also from what I hear any adult who has his wisdom teeth removed is almost always going to be given Oxy. That's from my area though and the dentists around where I live. They seem to give Vicodin to the younger people.
  7. ive heard of people ending up with all sorts of shit anything from T3's to percocet but percs are the strongest ive heard of people getting at any age..aside from maybe demerol which has low bioavailability orally. but for the other question about maintaining a habit basically it completely drains my pocket and im always in the hole. bags cost between 14-25$ depending on the dealer and how many i buy. so yeah it gets expensive man.

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