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Tolerance, or bad weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xblackxlotus, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking a little bit here and there for about 6-8 months, and when I do, it's usually reggie, and after a bowl or two, I'm usually shitfaced. Last weekend, I had about 1.5g of reggie from a few days ago preground, smoked it all (It just wasn't working), some keef from reggie (about a hit worth), and I got high but for about 20 minutes, but It was a shitty high too. After this, I went back to normal and just felt shitty for the rest of the night. Could the weed have went bad? I'm thinking the keef is the only thing that did anything for me. A few days before, I took one good hit off the same stuff and got a pretty good high. Is pregrinding bad?

    Any opinions/advice would be appreciated!

    I haven't had any for the past few days, but I'll post again once I get some more and try again!
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    Maybe a tolerance thing it maybe it's bad weed, personally I won't smoke Reggie I only smoke dank and good weed, to me Reggie tastes like dirt and isn't that's good, tho I mean you can only get what you can get right?, try smoking again
  3. Weed doesn't get you shitfaced
  4. Stoned, blazed, high as fuck, I'm not sure about the terminology, all I know is I usually get a good high

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  5. Understandable, I think I might make a change for higher quality product. I'm gonna play around with reggie for a while longer first tho.
  6. It's all good but people will be like wtf if you say shitfaced haha happy blazing

  7. By "people" I think you mean "weedynick" as you're the only one who's having a problem with it. [​IMG]

  8. I think it's a case of a little bit of both. You said you're smoking reggie, and that shit is easy to get a tolerance on. Factor in the repeat smoking and the quality, and viola.

  9. Thanks for the input, I didn't know reggie tollerance builds like that.
  10. It could have been shwag that dried out on you. I'd suggest you smoke high grade. The high will last for hours and your stash may last you months (depending on how much you buy).
  11. Probably like a quarter at a time, think that would last a good bit of time?

  12. It doesn't. The good thing about smoking low quality (the only good thing) is that you don't build tolerance as easy. If you don't want a high tolerance then don't chase your high, that builds tolerance fast. Listen to grasscoty and get dank, he knows what's up.

  13. A tolerance usually wont hit you out of the blue, normally you would feel it happening gradually so it's probably the weed.
  14. well you said reggie yourself, isnt that shit weed?

  15. yes. a quat of high grade would last me about a week. Probably last you longer.

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