Tolerance Breaks

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  1. So I've been a very avid daily stoner for about a year and a half.  I always feel like I need to get higher when I smoke.  And my highs have not been what they used to be.  The euphoric feeling is a lot slighter.  I want to take a tolerance break for maybe a week or two or something.  But all day I'm sitting at my house and all i want to do is smoke, but i'm sick of spending so much money just to keep myself high.  How long does a good tolerance break take, and how successful have you guys been with your tolerance breaks? 

  2. 1 month is usually a good time frame. And its not hard just dont smoke, exercise and take Omega 3 vitamins.
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    if you're an all-day everyday smoker then even a 24 hour break will help.  a 3 day break is good.  let me tell you man though, after a week or so it gets a lot easier to not smoke.  weed isn't physically addictive but there's definitely a period of time that you crave it when you've been smoking for a while.  someone once said to me that it's "emotionally addictive".
    i would take off a week or so.  anymore and the tolerance difference:time ratio will diminish
  4. Thanks, your guys' replies helped a lot.  What benefits do omega-3 vitamins give though? and why 

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