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Tolerance breaks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PilsburyDopeBoi, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Intro...i guess..
    To start ive been toking it for a good couple of years now and ive pretty much explored every aspect of the plant. Ive smoked out of every type of piece immaginable and ive smoked a wide veriety of plants from the dirt to the dank. including some cali, some mauie, and some quality purple. My problem though is that i love to smoke too much. I mean i can jandle taking breaks and all but smoking marijuana is possibly one of the greatest experiences ever! of course smoking too much has its downfalls, in this case im talking about tolerance build. Lets face it weed is expensive and depending on where you live and your employment smoking can be pricey. I love to smoke but i recently decided to not make it an everyday habbit simply because my tolerance is through the roof. Ive been smoking for almost 5 months traight now everyday, even frequently lighting up more than once a day. It hasnt affected my job or health in any noticable way so i dont see the problem. However though i would like some tips on lowering my tolerance. after looking at multiple posts ive come to the conclusion (based on grasscity post info) that to fully whipe your system of tolerance a month or slightly less works the best. Im not looking to fully whipe my tolerance though im simply looking to lower it by half or at least a third of what it is now.

    Tips/Tricks anyone???
    I allready know some ways.
    -exercising, and running
    -drink plenty of fluids
    any other good ways fellow ents?

    the real question i would like to know though is how long would i have to take a T brake for my daily smoking 5 month tolerance to be halved or at least 33 percent done away with????

    If i take a tolerance break for even 7 days or so i will notice a difference. not by too much but i can smoke a considerable ammount less and still get to a descent 8 or 9 on the SmokeaMeter.

  2. I've heard that eating a mango perhaps half an hour to an hour before can increase the high. I've tried it and did not notice a huge difference but I don't smoke regular amounts, it's ever changing, so it may have been that I just smoked less.
  3. 2 week tolerance is as much as it will clear your tolerance.

    Any more and it's not doing anything.

    I've smoked for over a decade, and tried a 2 year break for military, 2 week is the same as 2 years.
  4. thats good because im forced to take a 2 week break more or less, didnt want to but now i know my tolerance is going to go right down which is awesome, 2 weeks from now my high is going to be like how it was 2 years ago i hope
  5. Every tolerance break, you kind of overcome addiction.

    But if you NEED tolerance breaks you're not in control.

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