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Tolerance breaks are the worst to everyday smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shadyonedeath, May 9, 2011.

  1. #1 shadyonedeath, May 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 9, 2011
    I get really anxious and stressed even thinking about going more than 12 hours without a hit. I've had anger issues for a while now and living in LA doesnt help. Seems like I can't cope without weed, mentally. I just start freaking out.

    Day 1: 9 hours since last hit.

    Oh, and my tolerance sucks. I get high for 30 min max and dank weed feels like trash weed. :(
    This ChemDawg (which used to be my favorite) doesnt even hit me anymore, it feels like a cigarette high.
  2. u could either try not to think about it which probably wont work or just think about how fucking high ur gonna be when u smoke again
  3. I know man...i've tried. I tried 2 weeks and I didnt even get that high when I came back. And those were the 2 longest weeks of my life.

    Im gonna do it though, not buying anymore weed until I pay off a loan.
  4. I get mad only when I go 3-4 days without smoking. What I suggest is only take a hit or 2 during the day just to get you through. Once your doing that for a while and your tolerance comes back down you will get super stoned again :D Or just man up and go for awhile without smoking. You shouldent have to rely on smoking to calm you down but ik it helps.
  5. start smoking a little less each day like a bowl less until you get to none and then maybe go a day without smoking and just start smoking smaller quantities during the day/night until your tolerance is where you want it.
  6. I am the same way, I am gonna stop wake and baking and only smoke after 4pm. This should lower my tolerance and it should make me less dependent on weed to the point where I wouldnt even care if I dont smoke. Trust me, smoking everyday all day is great, but not worth all the trouble you go through upon stopping. I might save the wake and baking and all day smoking for the weekend because to be honest, I cannot completely give up a good wake and bake. I love that.
  7. I smoked everyday for about 3 months then stopped for half a year. I went back to smoking and got extreamely blazed.

  8. Some people can do that, but most stoners go through that phase I really hope I grow out of it soon. I want weed to be and enhancer not something to make me feel normal. But its been going good now, I can control my smoking as of now, but I aint too happy about the t-break coming up.
  9. sigh...broke it agian

  10. it's alright dude. try it again. itll get easier every time.
  11. Maybe the smokers who have their lives built around weed but weed is just a part of mine. I break when needed.
  12. Seriously its not that guys sound pathetic...go find something to do instead of smoke..
  13. Wow man if that shit you posted in the pic isn't affecting you you definately need a break lol. I'd be flyyyyyyyin if I smoked that.

    I know what you mean though, I am an every day smoker and it fucking sucks going without it, I tend to freak out (mentally) too. Nothing you (and I) cant/couldn't control tho. Counting the hours since the last time you smoked is one of the worst things to do tho, it makes the time seem like it goes by slower. Just stick with it man, after a few days you'll be okay.
  14. This sounds like me. But after 2 weeks tolerance didn't hit me as it should have, I'm just gonna blaze every couple of days for awhile and see how that goes...
  15. Bro.. I am at the end of 6 monts probation. you have no idea what i would give to have this problem. stop being a pussy.
  16. Only once you truly appreciate the high that weed gives you will you not be affected my tolerance, adhere to my words of wisdom.

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