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tolerance breaks are pointless......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by king8128, May 11, 2012.

  1. once you have been smoking all day every day out of a bong there will come a point where even if u take a a 60 day tolerance break, you will prob only get AT MOST like a weeks worth of some bomb highs but after that its back to the same shit .....i'm willing to bet even if i took a year break id prob get at most a few weeks of a good high then it will be back to the same normalcy shit....

    for anybody who says this statement is nonsense then they havent wake n baked for the past 4 years or even smoke all that much

    true seasoned tokers will kno where i am comin from least the ones who smoke daily and walk the walk and not just talk the talk
  2. Weed isnt as important to alot of people. That week of getting extra high is worth not smoking for their t break. I dont t break but can respect the people who do; that shit can be hard. :cool: :wave:
  3. im not saying i dont respect the ppl im just sayin if ur a diaily smoker its kinda not even worth it
  4. Haha, stoner since age 17, now 30.

    Tolerance breaks are your friends.

    Now of course if you're a fiend, who cares what you say, crackhead.

    Jk, 2 week TB is best, and don't smoke constantly, few times a week should be normal use.
  5. I know people who smoke literally grams a day, and need massive amounts JUST to feel high.

    Then I know smarter people with self control who only need a snap to feel blitzed.

    Which would you prefer?
  6. Tolerance breaks are blasphemy
  7. Eh I really disagree. I smoke several times a day, and you don't need to take a 60 day t-break to make a difference. If that were the case I'd very much agree with you - the t-break only makes a difference for the first week of returning to toking, if that. don't need to take a 60 day t-break. Honestly even having a tbreak a few days to a week long makes a HUGE difference for me.

    Even taking off a day I consider a little mini t-break. Makes a world of difference even just the next day. A week without toking is really the most that seems worth it for me, my tolerance is very low after that point.
  8. smoking constantly is what i do tho ...i live the life some of these stoners say they live ...not bragging just pointing out i smoke a shit ton....and it beats all these anti depressants these docs trying to put me on ....

    smoke 4 2 weeks break for 2 weeks would be a good combo but still we will never get as high as we once did...i can see why ppl call it a gatewaydrug cuz their r ppl who say fuck this and need more......i just like rolling my entire body around in a mountain of hash and ill be good even if im not gettin high

  9. i feel like ur trying to call me some low life pot head and im not feeling it bro ....just becuz ppl smoke all day every day doesnt mean they arnt smart 3.5 college gpa already proves that wrong :hello:

    weed is like a medicine for me , you kno every four hours its like a prescription i smoke (props to anyone who can name what song this is from lol )
  10. What you have right there is called an opinion. Just because YOU don't see the point of a t break doesn't make them pointless. That first smoke after a t break will give you the best high you've had in a long time. My first smoke after taking over 2 months off got me ripped after just one bowl. Sure after a few weeks my tolerance was back, but those couple weeks were a damn good time.
  11. T-breaks work, a few days away from bud and a bong ruins me :D

    Also great for saving money if you're buying bud in

  12. how much and how long have u been smoking tho ...also smoking blunts and joints puts less of a hinder on ur tolerance ...even bowls .....but bongs.....bongs man......once u go bong u never go back

  13. my bad shlda put IMO ..
  14. [quote name='"king8128"']

    how much and how long have u been smoking tho ...also smoking blunts and joints puts less of a hinder on ur tolerance ...even bowls .....but bongs.....bongs man......once u go bong u never go back[/quote]

    I'll smoke anywhere from 2-5 times a day. I've been smoking years, and the past few years has been bongs and more bongs every day, except recently where it's been vape + bong every day - which gets me even higher.
  15. Never said anything about intelligence...

    But if you HAVE to smoke daily, you have control issues, be honest with yourself.

    Like I said, I've seen potheads with crackhead symptoms. Always needing that fix.

    I was like that too my first few years smoking weed, took a 6 month break and realized what a fiend I was.

    After that I only needed about an eighth every 2 weeks give and take. Eighths used to last no more than 2 days.

    Tolerance breaks are your friend if you understand.
  16. i know what u mean. i took a 3 month tbreak and my tolerance was back to normal within about 10 dayse

  17. I've been toking roughly a year and I already agree with you, toking everyday just isn't for me. I understand some people like it, but I simply can't get as high if I vape everyday, that few day tolerance break really helps, weekends only for me.
  18. #18 the cole phelps, May 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2012
    I'm not trying to act cool on the internet.

    However i've smoked everyday for 4 years and i still get high. Why would i keep smoking if i didn't ? I still get enjoyable highs and i've never taken a tolerance break.

    I will say however
    I will also say for those people who calm they'll never feel as stoned as they did the first time you smoked my advice is go somewhere risky like work or something. Don't do anything stupid or get yourself fired lol. Go somewhere risky but somewhere you wont get caught/ have less chance of getting caught

    IMO when you're stoned in public or somewhere you shouldn't be the high is really intence. Almost to the point you want it to go away......... good times :)
  19. Try to conserve your trees to. Dont waste it all in one night and use it through the week or weekend. Works good and im always getting really high
  20. The first one, because then I can go brag on an internet forum about how I need to smoke hella sticky icky just to get buzzed -__-

    If you don't take a t-breaks for your tolerance, at least take them to give your lungs a rest.
    How much physical activity do you engage in, regularly, OP?

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