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Tolerance Breaks and smoking while your on them

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DrFrylock, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. So today is the day i start my 1 month T break. And ive got a question. Can i still smoke while im on a break? Like only once or twice a week? Im pretty sure i can but i just want everyone elses thoughts before i go smoke wit a buddy of mine sunday
  2. i think if you do it like once a week it will just make it so either your tolerance break wont do as much or you can extend it a little longer

    it still will make a big difference in your tolerance though
  3. I can prolly extend my break longer as long as i can smoke once a week. Cause fridays the day when me and a couple friends meet up at one anothers house and Smoke N Toke.

    And i think any break would help my tolerance considering the fact that ive been smoking every single day, maybe only missed a day or 2 but no more than that, for 3 months
  4. I think the whole point of a tolerance break is to not smoke during it.
  5. Word.
  6. i think that would be just fine. im no veteran at the wonderfull world of toking but i think cutting down at all is some sort of t break. a t break it to lower tolerence, correct? he would drastically reduce tolerence reducing smoking once a week. im no einstein but i think that makes it a tolerence break. or maybe not, its been 1 hour since eating my super firecracker and im pretty high. this is gonna be awesome :)
  7. i might make a couple of firecrackers sunday. and eat em up. bout 4 should have me pretty fuckin stoned
  8. how is it a t break if you are blazing?

    a month t break means no smoking for a month.
  9. LMAO that's what I was thinking it's just cutting down but definatly not a t break.
  10. yeah smokin once a week would still help your tolerance go down but it's really not the same. today's the second day of my t break and it was really hard not to smoke today but it'll be i'll be able to pass a dt for a decent job.
  11. okay so i just went against everything i said and smoked a pretty fat bowl and i'm baked. i took like 4 2mg ativan too though so i don't know which it is but i'm tore up lol. i don't even know if this really makes sense's been a long ass time since i've been able to smoke that amount and be baked. Though I'm sure the ativan has a lot to do with it. Tonights gonna be the last night again. Startin over tomorrow. Okay I'm done rambling.
  12. glad to here that t break is working so well for you man....

    its not hard to go a week without smoking, marijuana is not an addictive substance.

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