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Tolerance breaking wax pens.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by beyobe, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Hello so I'm decently new to smoking weed, been doing it for almost a year now (On and off)

    I have been mainly vaping Dab Pens, cart after cart, but it's getting to the point I almost go thro a cart in 2-3 days now and the amount of hits to actually get a high is extremely high.
    I barely do edibles or smoke actual weed just because I always have my dab pen.
    However I was going to take a tolerance break, 21 hours into it so far after about 6-7 months of daily dabbing, and had a question.

    If I quit dabbing, and all wax together, would I be able to smoke (actual) weed, and just smoke a bowl maybe 2 per night for a month, and then go back to my wax pens would my tolerance be reset to dab pens?

    Or would it just allow me to get higher faster, on dab pens but after a few days of doing that since my actual THC tolerance isn't being lowered, I'd just end up back where i started very fast?

    Goal: Be able to get a decent high for dab pen within 10 hits
  2. Why don’t you just ditch the pen? There are other ways to get high.
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  3. Lay off the pens
  4. Pens are easiest since my dealer sells full gram tops to me for 20$ each, and im in an apartment.
    However I own a bong and can get plenty of weed, so curious if I should do a full tolerance break or just stop the pens and smoke weed and eventually go back.
    But idk if that would work or if i'd still have pen tolerance.
  5. Sounds like you're just over complicating things. Tolerance doesn't magically go away or go through the roof. Smoke less, your tolerance will stay low. No reason to 100% stop using just because you want a lower tolerance. Stop chain vaping those pens and you should be okay. Regular flower is much easier to regulate your tolerance. All oils and pens are different and I haven't really vaped any good ones, they seem to really be a waste of high end extract. No need to be puffing on high end extract all day everyday unless your tolerance really is through the roof, and it sounds like yours is rather low.
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  6. Hey thanks man, I just been smoking wax so much for so long and dabbing it (I have a dab pen that you can pour or scrape wax into and smoke it directly)
    My tolerance is extremely low in regards to thc (1-2 bong rips can get me feeling like 6/10 high if 10 is an edible.)

    So i think ill just buy some green and break off from those pens for a while.
  7. I just bought 2 evolve xl and a zip of wax. Just don't want to graduate to dabs lol. Now the lung thing and I hear stainless is bad wtf

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