Tolerance Break :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Maryjoowanna, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Well. My tolerance is getting pretty high. I hate it. Sooo...I am going on a tolerance break until the around 4th of July when my friend and I go to Tokeland.

    Not even fucking kidding. there is a place in teh far west of Washington called TOKELAND. How fucking cool is that.

    But yeah. Gonna drop my tolerance quite a bit. I can't wait to smoke.

    My friend is gonna get some shrooms for when we go camping on the hope that that one trip will suffice for me to wait until the 4th to smoke.

    Wish me luck! :D
  2. you'll get too stoned! you don't want to stop tokin' in tokeland...but do what you gotta do
  3. I'm stopping until I get to Tokeland :D

    The place is right next to an indian reserve and they have the best fucking fireworks. m80's, sherrybomns, you name it, they got it. It's awesome.
  4. good luck with that, i may go on a break when i run out as well...

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