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Tolerance break!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Olimaniac, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. well, today marks the exactly 1 week that i've started my tolerance break and DAMN do I miss smoking.

    anyways, I was going to take a break for 2 weeks but should I make it longer? my highs only last about 30 mins and are never that strong even when I do smoke dank. How long do you guys think I'd have to take a break for my tolerance to actually go down a noticeable amount? Is there any way to actually get your tolerance all the way down to zero?

    I've taken breaks before with very good results but, I remember when I first started smoking I would have things strobe light vision and ridiculous memory lapses. Even after my previous breaks, the effects were never as strong as they were the first few times I started smoking. How long would I have to stop smoking for to get these effects again?
  2. I'm almost done my 6 month tolerance break or as to some also known as "probation"

    The world is going to be so new.
  3. I've been trying to take a t-break for the past two weeks but everybody and their mamas keeps smoking me up. I thought not buying weed for a month or so would get the job done. I just can't pass up a free smoke.
  4. lol yeah i tried a t-break once and i started getting smoked up all the time...was pretty nice but started buying again so i could smoke at my house
  5. haha sounds like you're gonna have an awesome time lol
  6. i dunno bout the break man i never took one really so i dunno. have ya thought about smokin different stuff maybe some legal stuff or somethin and see wha happens. its a pity if ya cant smoke like and get high. im high rite now wrecked afterthat pipe :smoke:
  7. Im on a semi-break. Instead of my daily, multiple times a day smoking, i NOW only smoke a few times a week. I vaped last friday after work and yesterday when i got off early. And thats been it so far. I would stop for at least 2 weeks, if not a whole month. But to keep tolerence low, pack the MINIMUM amount, as little as possible, and smoke, and gauge how high you are. ONLY smoke enough to feel high. I honestly dont like feeling really high, and yesterday it was just weird and i woke up in the afternoon with a heavy, burnt out feeling that i did Not like, to say the least. I would consider cutting down if i were you, so you dont keep repeating the cycle of gaining such a high tolerence, that smoking effects only last 30 minutes.
  8. I love feeling extremely high lol. still tho, will taking a break for a month be SIGNIFICANTLY more helpful than taking a 2 week break?
  9. Depends on how much and how often you smoke, duder. If your highs are only lasting 30 minutes, then I'm guessing you've been smoking a lot for quite some time.

    If that's the case, three to five weeks is your best bet, but after 1 week your tolerance will have gone down enough to get you super ripped for a while.

  10. I used to just smoke on weekend but i've been an everyday smoker for about 9 months now.
  11. it's different for everyone. I used to smoke a good 2 grams a night for three months when I was at home (I'm away at school right now), I had the same problem, my highs were like 30 minutes maximum and sucked. Since I have been at school I haven't been smoking that much, a little over an eighth a week, and I took a five day t-break last week and it did the trick. I'd say wait another week and have a great weekend next week. It'll be worth it in the long run. After this weekend I don't plan on smoking for two weeks. I just wanna be able to smoke a blunt and be high again :( it's so much easier on the wallet too.
  12. haha very true about the wallet thing. I guess i'll be on break until next friday/saturday
  13. God I feel like smokin' some herb.

    Almost done with my 6 month "t-break" as well.
  14. I'm also curious as to whether or not a tolerance break will do the trick. I've been consistently smoking a couple bowls of danks a day (i'd say roughly a gram or so) for roughly a year and i've noticed significant change in my high. When I smoke now, it takes either a ridiculous amount of weed to get a good high, or I have to smoke medical, which isn't very abundant in southern minnesota. I remember the "glory days" where simply a few hits would have me feeling like a cartoon character. XD I'm wondering if a 2 week break would do the trick? Any suggestions would help.

    Cant wait to feel that high again :D
  15. i dont wanna steal the OP's thread, but i have a question too lol.
    i, too, wanna get ripped like the first few timees, but now it only last 20-30 minutes. i plan on starting a t-break, i attempted a couple, but 4 days was my longest (i kno its not addicting, but ppl kept smoking me out haha). but anyways, my question/theory is this.. the first few times u smoke, u get ripped because theres no THC in ur body. and the more u smoke, the more THC that builds up, so the less high u get. (and yes, i know that THC isnt the only thing that gets u high). but what if i do a tbreak until i pass a drug test? does passing a drug test mean that all/most of the THC is out my body? and if so, wont that mean that its gonbna be like ur first time? idk.. feel free to shoot this theory down, im just curious.
  16. That is called a tolerence. The more you use, the more your body adjusts to it and buils resistence, It happens with a lot of drugs, not that cannabis is a drug, but that is something it has in common with one.
  17. #17 collection, Nov 24, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 25, 2009

    No. Your body flushes out the THC Metabolites that are stored in your fat cells, but that has nothing to do with your tolerance, THC metabolites are just a byproduct of inhaling THC. Your brain's cannabinoid receptors are what you have to worry about, as the more you smoke the more they get worn out and eventually shut down because there is a lot of THC being taken regularly. After a couple of days of not smoking, your cannabinoid receptors should be restarted and starting to become functional again, but it takes longer (3 weeks upwards) to completely flush all the THC and other cannabinoids out of your body, usually after one week your THC should be 50% like new. After 2 weeks it should be around 65%, but after 3 weeks it will be around 70-75%. The longer time you wait, the slower THC is flushed so usually it is not worth it to wait more than 2 weeks unless you want to feel like you did the first time you got high, although if you wait 1-2 weeks and just smoke 1-3 bowls it should be like your first time anyways.

    I'm on day 3 of a week long T-Break. Wish me luck :p

    Keep on toking, grasscity :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:

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