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tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by katiee202, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So, Ive been smoking weed since spring of last year, Im 18, 140, female, 5'6,
    Used to be id get high the fastest and trip the hardest. I smoked a lot during them summer, well a lot for me, and never noticed muuuuch of a tolerance build up, however I've been high everyday since the middle of august, with a few day breaks in between (this is getting high just once everyday, rarely twice) however since school started Ive smoked everyday 2 times a day since aug 24th, for the past week ive noticed i dont get as high and only stay blazed for about 45 mins. what kinda tolerance break should I take, how long, suggestions for building up a slow tolerance when i come back from my break, my habits are the same, I have an acrylic bong and i smoke just dank swag is hard to come by here, used to be 1-2 and im high, not its two bowls and i skip the trip and go straight to chill,

    what on earth should my tolerance break be and how often should i take one
  2. Sounds like a couple weeks would be fine but a month always does the trick.
    Just stay off it completely for 2-3 weeks (a whole month if you can though) and you will be as high as your first time!
    THC is also stored in fat so exercize is always good as well.
  3. haha, so I cant just quit for a week, lol
    but other than that whats the best way to smoke and not build a tolerance back up, as fast, pipe bong blunt etc etc, and
    whats the best weed saver/gets you blazed faster.
  4. I feel the effects off spoons the fastest. If its chronic I'll feel the high before the bowl is even over most of the time.

    Vapes take the longest but are most efficient.
  5. There isnt any best way to smoke and not build tolerance up, other than smoking less frequently. As far as weed saver's anything's better than a joint or a blunt, and it all get's you blazed just as fast as long as you've got the weed lol.
  6. okay, so this has quickly turned into, what would a one week tolerance break do for me
    what would waiting til wednesday do for me, and waiting til thrusday
  7. you are acting like you are addicted lol
  8. Wow... I would hate to think that not smoking for an entire month is what it takes for decent tolerance break, so I wont... I read before that it actually only takes 4 days for the cannabinoids to completely flush through, so on that note... I suggest taking the last 4 days of the month off and start smoking again on the 1st! It usually works great for me,
  9. I'm currently on a break this month (sober september). It's not so bad after the first week. I just get irritable easier but I work retail and go to a large school and I tend to hate being around people. I get angry when I'm around lots of people so i may not count but damn i can't wait to get high again
  10. Ive heard that too, but I've heard that its only for novice pot smokers, but that fact that ive been smoking pot for a while means it would take me more like 2 months for the THC to completely leave my system

  11. haha well I mean weed is just nice to come home to after a long day of school and work

  12. Yes, but that should not affect your tolerance... THC stays longer in your system but doesn't really have much to do with the fact that the THC receptors in your brain will be the ones actually taking the break. Therefore 4-7 days should do the trick
  13. Simply put, the longer of a break you take, the higher you'll get when you come back, and the longer it will take your tolerance to build back up.

    I'm about to start a break after tomorrow, I just don't get too high anymore. Last night me and my roommate chilled outside our apartment and smoked 4 joints a piece.:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: 1 joint used to get me blazed as shit, but even after 4 to myself last night I didn't even feel that high...

    Last year, I took a 3 week break from smoking, which included going to the gym almost every day (which NEVER happens for me :D). When I finally split a blunt with my buddy, I got so high that I couldn't stop laughing for almost 10 straight minutes. Even better, it took like 2 months before my tolereance even got back near where it was.:D

  14. hmmmm well I do go to the gym eveyday and Ive heard that helps but the truth is and this is gonna sound stupid but,
    I wanna watch glee high and it comes on wednesday night

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