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Tolerance break

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dantas, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, hope everybody is having a good day.
    First of all, im new to weed and im new to this website.
    So, I've been smoking everyday since the past three months (only at night), and my tolerance doesn't rise up!
    Everytime feels like the first time.
    Two bong rips, and im sent straight to heaven.
    So the question is, will my tolerance ever raise up?
    I don't want it to raise of course.
    But it just feels weird.
    With one gram of weed I roll 6 pinners. And smoking one of them gets me baked.
    (not to mention that a bar of hashish can last me 2 months)
    Hope anyone can explain me a little about tolerance.
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  2. Tolerance will grow with the amount you smoke, and how frequently you smoke.

    For instance you say you only smoke at night, that's an almost 24 hour break between sessions. You also say you smoke small joints, so small amounts at a time.

    If you started smoking more at a time, or more often (earlier in the days) tolerance will go up.

    Also, physical exercise and hydrating play a factor. For instance if I smoked my ass off from the morning I woke up, by the end of the day, smoking more weed just has no effect, my body is already crammed full of it. However if I were to do some serious exercise (long bike ride, a run, etc) I could get back a few hours later and be hit hard again.

    tolerance is just the build up of THC in your system. Keep your smoking in check, and keep your quantity in check, and you should be just fine.

    I enjoy keeping my tolerance low, nothing like snapping one bowl and being sky high, forgetting to pack another for 2 hours.
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  3. If you keep smoking hash your tolerance will go up dude lol how bugs the bar of hash that lasts you 2 months?? I can go through an Oz of hash if not more in a month easy :laughing:

    If u only smoke at night your tolerance probably won't go up alot.. when I was younger & would only smoke at night my tolerance never went up & I got ripped out my mind from 1 cone :laughing:
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  4. :lmafoe:

    NOT laughing at YOU Dantas...... just laughing at the thought.....1 gram and 6 "joints"...
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  5. Nothing wrong with a quick pinner. I used to roll up a .2 or .3 into skinny ass twigs for my 2 minute walk to the bus. Quick and easy, ain't nobody got time to sit and smoke a cannon when they're late for the bus hahaha
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  6. Oh I totally agree with you!

    I personally dont do it...but def know people that do.....LOL...its like smoking a tooth pick :love-m3j:
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  7. Nah mine were more the size of a Q tip LOL
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  8. True it looks like s thooth pick hahaha, but it gets me high anyways so :love-mj2:
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  9. Oh that's you said....if you can keep it low like that.....that would be AWESOME!!!
  10. If you keep smoking the way you've been your tolerance won't go up too much. It's when you start smoking higher quantities with higher frequency that you'll develop higher tolerance.

    I don't mind when i have a high tolerance. I enjoy the act of smoking weed so it's nice to be able to smoke without getting retarded every time...
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