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Tolerance break

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Daveycrocket420, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. I've been smoking daily for probably 2 or 3 months now but it's gotten to the point where I can smoke all I want and just get a little high not baked but just mildly high I'm on my second day of my 4 or 5 day tolerance break but I have an odd feeling in my head almost feels like it might be my brain adjusting to the loss of THC lol but my question is do you think a 4 day break will be good? Ik its different for every body dw if u dont know
  2. Sounds like if you've put your tolerance up that high that quickly you've been over-indulging. 4 day t-Break with usage like that might see you get high like on your first day back? and that's about it. I'd give it 2 weeks, and limit yourself a bit more or this is a problem you will continue to face.
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  3. Tolerance breaks mean pain for me and lots of it.
    Edible Kief oil capsules rip right through any tolerance you think you have and hammer the shit out of me day after day. Most days I'm stoned right to the edge of comfort and any more would be tipped past into the HOLY SHIT zone of way to high.

    No need for a break of any kind. In fact if I don't skip a day every 4 or so the caps start to stack up and I'm to shit faced to even walk well.

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  4. This shit cracks me up. I swear people just don’t know how to appreciate being high. I’ve been smoking for over 10 years and never had any tolerance problems. The studies that have shown THC receptor burn out were at dosages of 30 mg/kg (administered as 3 doses of 10 mg/kg in a 24 hr period). That is about 3,000 mg of THC in day for a grown adult. Y’all ain’t smoking anything close to that much, no one is.
  5. Yes a 4-day break will be noticeably better than 2 or 3 days for reaching a strong high again though not close to a longer t-break of say a couple weeks.

    I've smoked occasionally since 68 and am a strong proponent of tolerance breaks and one will often read my commenting so on this board. As someone continually smoking then stopping over decades, I am very familiar how that affects my own body.

    First, the best clear fresh long lasting high I always have given equal amounts of consumption is after a good tolerance break. Not even close otherwise. Simply put, by taking a tolerance break you will allow your neurotransmitter levels to rebuild back up at your synaptic gaps so when you resume smoking again the THC will have more neurotransmitters and CB1/2 keying sites to operate on. That is why resuming smoking again can be so wonderful. Otherwise you are tolerance depleted. It takes a few days for neurotransmitter levels and CB1/2 chemical key receptors to return to normal as well as for the body to rid itself of metabolized associated chemicals. Until then one will continue to feel what most refer to a haze or fog. Not even close to even a mild alcohol hangover, not painful, but most definitely will affect one's feeling of well being. Consider what THC does, it increases awareness of all nervous system senses. While those chemicals are still floating around in one's bloodstream, they are certain to have effects.

    The last thing I'd want to do within a couple days of stopping smoking is some mentally challenging work say like coding complex software, trying to read and absorb complex technical information, or take some difficult exam. There is just too much "noise" floating around inside to clearly do one's best thinking. That noted, if I smoked in the morning, there are plenty of less mentally challenging things one might do fine even later.

    Consider how one feels after waking on Monday morning after a night of getting just half the normal hours of sleep and facing getting up and going to work to start an 8-5 m-f work week. For several minutes one will feel unpleasantly groggy. That is somewhat similar to how one feels for following days after smoking continuously for weeks and then stops. Then one drives to work and the coffee machine is out of coffee and one must endure a few hours until someone brings back more supplies. One won't be in pain but won't have a feeling of well being either and that is how I tend to feel especially on day 1 of a t-break. By day 2 I am much better but still feel less than ideal. If I smoke then I can get pretty stoned but it won't last long. On day 3 yeah feel even less effects and it is not much a deal and if I start smoking again will get a decent high. On day 4 feel ready for another enjoyable fun with weed day although from experience I am also aware I am not feeling as lively nor as motivated to do all manner of things as I may feel after say a week or two. A good high smoking on day 4 will last much longer than if I had done so on day 2.

    If I just take a 48 hour t-break as many suggest, my issue is I cannot get nearly as high as I might after say 4 days regardless of how much or what I smoke. 4 days is much better than 2 days. And today Wednesday is my day 4 of a t-break so am really looking forward to about noon visiting a legal cannabis lounge up in The City, smoking a Micky Hart Magic Mini j then getting on the streets for a few hours with my MP3 player playing classic rock.
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