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Tolerance Break

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonedman, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Ive been smoking bud heavily for a while now and my tolerance is ridiculous. I have to smoke.tons of bud to even get to a buzz and I am unable to even reach that level of high I could when I was just a beginner. My problem is I smoke weed alot to help with my depression, basically self medicating, and when I dont smoke on a daily basis I get extremely depressed and stressed out. Not to mention that to get my tolerance back to normal it will take a while. At this point I could smoke pretty much anyone under the table, and its not fun. Comments, suggestions?
  2. Only thing I can say is that you will have to stick through it, stop buying it, don't keep it around. Find something that makes you happy and can take your mind off of how bad you feel, because if you feel bad then you will want to smoke. 
    Probably not as easy as I'm thinking, never dealt with such things.
    After a week or two of no bud, you should notice a huge drop of tolerance. Don't pack a huge bowl or smoke a whole joint, smoke in small increments. See where your tolerance is at. When people come back from t-breaks, at least with my friends, i see them smoke just as they did before, they get stupid high, and then their tolerance sky rockets again. When its said and done, take it easy on the smoke, keep it small, get use to life without it.
  3. Thats probably what ill do. Thanks for the input :)
    Good luck, I did a year t-break, long story haha, but the end result was so worth it. 
  5. Try to water log yourself on a short tbreak. It helps me a lot. One weekend when I'm really busy ill drink at least 2 bottles of water and hour and I'll drink lots of hot herbal tea or chai tea.

    Awesome Opossum

  6. I smoke on weekends only so I've been buying quarter or half ounce. Everytime I make a new pickup, I throw 1 g in a rainy day jar so far I'm up 12 g so I leave that alone and look till I fill the jar up. I got a personal jar (6g-13g depending on pickup) that I can look till the weekend then smoke that dank. I love taking a break during the week then get blasted as fuck from Fri-Sun lol.
  7. It sounds pathetic but my main problem is the fact that I have no desire to live if im not high or know that ill be getting high soon. To be 100% honest, if weed stopped existing, I would no longer want to be alive.

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