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Tolerance Break Update

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokinsince2012, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hey guys! So it's officially been a week since I last smoked and my sleep pattern is finally coming back and my symptoms are gone. I had insomnia, raised blood temp. And some MAD sweating for the first few days.
    Last night I had my first dream since the break started and it was actually about me sitting in my house smoking weed all day... Lmao. I guess thats just my brain begging for a hit but I know I'm strong enough to stick with the break.
    Although, yesterday after school, i had a pretty strong urge to smoke again so i went and played my guitar and played gta 5 all evening to distract me from the urges and it worked. Today im feeling a little bit better.
    I know its just weed but im not so psychologically addicted or i wouldnt have started the break in the first place. But the urges are there... Oh well. Only one more week to go!
    (Sorry this is kind of a pointless thread. But doing updates like this helps me ease the temptations lol.)

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  2. how long you stopping for?

    yeah man just remember its not an addiction its a habit so much easier to stop. Just distract yourself so you dont think about it like you are untill eventually your habits broken and youre sweet
  3. thanks man. Usually my tolerance breaks last 2 weeks then my highs are almost like im new to weed again and the feeling is just so great. Its what motivates me to stay strong. I can get high off of so little and i save SOOOO much money lmao

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  4. if thats what works for you fair play i prefer keeping my toking to about 4 days a week to stop my tolerance building up and to feel good
  5. true, yeah for a while i smoked all day every day... I had a problem lol... and i realize thats why my tolerance shot up so quickly. Once this tolerance break is up im just gonna stick to a bowl or two every night or every other night after work. Those are the best highs. :)

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    It's also healthy to clear chemical residues from your body periodically, including THC.
    I'm a heavy consumer, and when I take a break I sometimes get those moments when my body seems to burn away some suspended THC molecules, and I have a sudden 'stoned' feeling that comes from nowhere, and departs almost as quickly... these go away if your fast is a lengthy one.
    Props for taking control of your substance intake, and testing your own resolve!
  7. thanks man! I guess for some its easier than others to have self control. I've been putting off the break for a little while but eventually i realized i was letting the habit get out of control i pulled myself together and forced myself not to go anywhere near my stash box for the next 2 weeks.

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  8. As long as you keep yourself occupied you will be fine

    There's nothing worse then just sitting in your house thinking about smoking while on a t-break

    Specially if there's bud in the house!!
  9. lol oh man the struggles. And it doesnt help when school gets canceled because the snow is so bad... Leaving you with absolutely nothing to do.

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  10. #10 Bamboobam, Feb 6, 2014
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    You're doing great! Not smoking isn't hard because you can surely live without it for a while. The Mary Jane will always be there for you  :smoke: Yea, like others said, just stay occupied and you can do it.
  11. Good for you man, I'm on day 2 right now and it sucks.
  12. i assure you that aspect is all in your head.

    but yeah, nothing wrong with sobering up from time to time.

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