Tolerance break = trippin absolute balls every night

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    I'm talking about dreams. I was an everyday smoker, just once a day, but everyday. I quit for multiple reasons.

    Everytime I take a break from weed I always have these crazy vivid dreams everynight.

    Last night I dreamt about the end of the world. It was me and a bunch of friends, familly, and aquaintences hanging out on my cousins driveway in the early morning for some reason.

    We were passing around cookies, and it started raining so our cookies got soaked. I remeber a girl complaining of wet cookies as she handed the tray back to me.

    After this it started raining a bit harder. I look up and see the white sun low in the sky poking through the dark grey clouds. Suddenly one of my friends goes "Holy shit why is there two suns??" Sure enough I see a second white sun also low in the sky poking through the clouds. It started raining harder and harder and everything just got creepy and dark, even though you could see the suns.

    Suddenly a 3rd orb appears out of the clouds. It was like a minature glowing earth, and it flew around in the sky and through the dark clouds. It would zoom in close and dart around rapidly. Everyone on the driveway was freaking out and I pissed my pants in the dream (though not in real life, thankfully.)

    I woke up feeling peaceful for some reason....the dream was fucking terrfying.

    Another time I dreamt I was hanging out with a girl I loved. I had to leave to go smoke with a friend. On my way back I knew she'd be gone, becasue in real life she was a tease and would leave me feeling so empty. I'm walking back on what looks a foggy the Golden Gate bridge at night, with fireworks and sparkelers going off everywhere. It was colorful and beautiful, yet depressing at the same time.

    Sure enough she was gone when I got back. There was a note telling me that she moved to Tennesee or some shit....

    I'll never forget that one

    TL;DR - Take a tolerance break and you'll be gettin high everynight anyway. I wake up feeling peacful and happy.

    OHH and another time I dreamt that a fucked the shit outta that same girl. Thats what she gets for skipping out on me in that other dream.

    It was a lucid dream too. We were sitting in chairs in a circle of people in a night club. I had a grenade, I don't know why, but I decided to chuck the grenade and then grab her and do whatever I wanted to do to here.

    And I did. Went on for a while too. We were just rolling around gettin busy in front of the whole circle of people.
  2. dude maybe ur sleep walkin to ur dealers and gettin high
  3. How did you retell your dreams in so much detail??
  4. "Take a tolerance break and you'll be gettin high everynight anyway. I wake up feeling peacful and happy."

    I can relate, everytime I take a break, I can actually wake up feeling sober. Feels good, no doubt.
  5. I know this all too well.
  6. Dammit, a perfectly fine batch of cookies destroyed :(.
  7. Hell yeah OP! I've been having the most insane dreams since my TBreak too!! It's actually fun to go to sleep now! Dreaming fucking rocks!
  8. good shit op, i once had a dream too
  9. When I had to quit for probation I experienced the same thing. Its pretty normal. :D
  10. you think thats fucked?
    Try getting some shut eye after being forced to hit the rock at gunpoint
  11. The last t-break I took I had a dream that I was in the boxing ring with the cookie monster and barney in a dress and boxing gloves

    They both came at me, barnie punched me in the face then the cookie monster started eating me whole. Just as everything started to go black as he was eating me, I woke up in a cold sweat and started laughing my ass off
  12. this also happens to me when i t-break
  13. When I was on my t break I would get crazy dreams too. I dreamed that I was tied up in this chair, and this pedophile guy comes out and starts slapping the shit out of me with wet hotdogs! I woke up because I didn't wanna know what else he was gonna do with them... D:
  14. Looks like you need to puff some herb lol. But for real, that's pretty rough. Idk.. hope it eases up a bit for you, or you get crazy awesome vivid dreams.
  15. Nahh i like the dreams. Makes going to sleep awsome...we'll see what happends tonight
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    Dude, random question.

    No offense intended, just curious:

    Why were 3/5 threads you started directly related to dicks?
  17. I know what you mean. I had this fucking crazy dream last night that I totally can't remember.
  18. I get thoses dreams too when I t-break, exept I hate mine, I have horrible dreams and wake up in a cold sweat, but feeling.peaceful as was said.

    When you stop smoking it allows ur brain to get some REM sleep, which is the best sleep wwitch resets ur bodily system, so enjoy it.
  19. Dude this happens to me too.

    I stopped last saturday and that night I dreamed that I was at a friends house and some random dude shot me.

    It wasn't a nightmare, I actually just got up off the couch, said "Man my blood sugars gonna be low as shit!" and grabbed 2 pieces of pizza out of his fridge. Then I was freaking out wondering what I was going to tell my dad! hahahah
  20. you make some parts up ;)

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