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Tolerance break till Xmas?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mikesu58, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I've been taking a tolerance break since last night after i smoked lol and i think i'm gonna have no problem except i've got a lot of dank weed, 3 different strains actually.... Anybody else taking a T break till Xmas so they can get ripped outve there mind on Christmas?

    On christmas me & my little bro are gonna be smoking this after a 4 day tolerance break of no smoking...compared to toking multiple times everyday.

    -.4 Of kief from my past 2 half ounce pick ups
    -Grand Daddy Kush
    -Green Kush
    -Bluedream Frost
    -Outdoor kush

    Mixed into a 1 gram blunt sealed with honey instead of licking it...

    Yeah it's gonna be awesome :cool:

    Heres a pic of 2 of 3 strains I have:

    Attached Files:

  2. wait for it homie. it will be worth it :))
  3. I've been smoking every day for 2 years, yesterday I've finished my first one-month T-break. This all for X-Mas holiday. :smoking:

    It will be definitely worth it man. :D
  4. Your tolerance will shoot back pretty quickly if you're only doing a 4 day break, but you will still get extremely high those first few tokes, enjoy man!

    PS. Damn that is some dank bud.
  5. Hey guys, so I'm still planning to T break until Xmas BUT.... I was wondering if I smoked a .2 bowl before bed to help me sleep compared to the 2 grams I usually smoke daily, will my tolerance still go down?
  6. Totally agree, I tried to do the same but haven't got a tonne left, but will definitely be getting blazed outta my face christms eve/day!
  7. Good for you man, definitely a good idea, keep going strong it will be well worth the wait. I took a t-break on finals but Im dry so might take another one :/
  8. ^^^ take a shot of nyquil if youre on a tbreak and cant sleep

  9. i'm too much of a stoner to not smoke .2 after working 10 hrs today lol, I believe it won't affect my tolerance much and If you don't spoil yourself wtf is the point of having nice things man
  10. better question: why take a t break if your not TAKING A BREAK. your tolerance wont go down like that. ive tried doing what your doing for a week straight and when i smoked a large amount i really didnt feel higher then before, then ive taaken 48 hour breaks of no thc whatsoever and i get ripped as fuck for a few times (then the tolerance comes back but with only a 2 day break thats expected)
  11. That's the addict logic talking haha.

    Not trying to insult, I suffer from the same thing :p
  12. Ima join you bro, startin tonite , t -break till christmas!
  13. I'm on the same train, until the 27th tho.

    My buddy went back to his hometown for the holiday and will be returning with sacs on sacs of bud. It's much cheaper there.

    I was drinking whiskey tonight, to give me some sort of substitute, but I'm not a fan of drinking so that didn't last long.
  14. Good idea,,, i wanna take a tbreak aswell but i still have keif and dank left,,,,, i kinda needtoquit weed in general because im in that stage of college and mylife where i need to prove to myself i can do it.. its hard tho lol
  15. ^ if you need to quit to do that then do so. Some people can do both some can't but if you are one who can't its not a big deal. I stopped for two years in college because of probation and all my friends still smoked and shit and i didn't hang around with them too much now hanging out with them is weird because im going to law school and they still haven't gotten their associates after four years. Know limitations and after college you have the high of accomplishing that plus the high from weed and it is great.

  16. Bro i am taking a T break, i'm only smoking once at night a .2 bowl of Outdoor kush... not smoking the kief or the danker strains till christmas, so even if my tolerance only goes down a little bit i'm pretty sure the higher THC content of what i'll be smoking will get me more blasted either way
  17. You can try that but in my experience it wont, I really dont care what you do,
    just telling you what happened to me.
  18. I'd also say if you're gonna t-break, do it right. It'll be much more worth it.

  19. so wheres this address? I will bring weed and a good time :D

  20. Well yea i can do both since ive gotten this far withs As and Bs for two years in college while getting fuckeddd up most of the time,,, but im talking about getting clean to be an intern in a hospital (studying radiology) and eventually getting a job . If i could smoke i would but school and securing a job more important , :) ive smoked enough weed in my life i could use a breaklol

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