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Tolerance Break - Starting now.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TeSupo, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Well, it is time for a tolerance break. Ive only been smoking for 1 year now, starting this month last year, and in the last 6 months Ive been smoking everyday, toward the evening and for the weekends throughout the day sometimes.

    Whenever I smoke now, I just get cloudy head buzz feel and I don't like it, so I am planning on taking 7 days clean and will be taking a load of vitamins and water so my metabolism speeds up hopefully making 7 days actually be like 14 days or something like that with the THC burning out of my system.

    what do you guys think, should I take longer like 2 weeks or a month, also my goal is when I am on this break is to buy a water piece bong/ or a VAP or both. ever since my bong broke ive had my pipe and papers both which I really dislike the harshness and I really want a water filtered piece again.

    oh btw.. if you remember my thread about Cannabis surpressing REM States/recalling dreams. I will also do my own write up on how vivid/recalling dreams during this break.
  2. You see a enormous difference with just 7 days
  3. I'm on my second day right now. Not too bad. Thank God for the gym. :)

    I'll be getting some good chronic in about a week and vape it with me new iVape.

    Good luck on your break. :)
  4. Maybe you should take some AZO's too, might help clean your out more efficiently.

    I'm thinkin about takin a little break too, between weed and Gas prices i gotta do

    something to save a buc
  5. yea, I will be using the gym a lot more this week too which should help greatly and I am on vics for injury so when im on those it is almost better then weed at times. I really wanted to give those a break too for a week as well, ill just go easy on them cause when the pain gets bad I will take anyways.

    sorry for the stupid question, but what is AZO's?
  6. take a month off. your thc level is proabably very high and one week will do lilttle to nothing to you. Plus your want for the wed after that month you will have a high you will never forget. you wont regret it.
  7. So, is this just so THC doesn't show in your DT? Or, does it actually lower your tolerance that quick?
  8. i got busted a week ago and havent smoked till this past weekend and man i noticed a huge difference

    same deal with me i have been smokin multiple times a day for the past like 3-4 months

    1 week off and i noticed a pretty big difference i was high for a good 3 hours versus 45 minutes lol
  9. I am curious on that too, I will not be taking 4 at a time since I am in no rush of clearing my system of a DT, but for tolerance reasons I would like to know if it will help.

    notice on the othre thread a few were getting paranoid and worried about the fact that your urnie turns red to orange to yellow to clear..

    Phenazopyridine causes the urine to turn reddish orange . This is to be expected while you are using it. This effect is harmless and will go away after you stop taking the medicine. Also, the medicine may stain clothing
  10. hah!!! With a vaporizer hit after a tolerance break of chronic we'll have to spatula you off the ceiling.
  11. That's what I'll be lookin' for. :) I was just really getting tired of smoking some really good stuff, only to be high for 45 mins or so.

    I plan on buying a 1/4 of some sticky icky, taking the next day off from work, park my ass on the couch, get some great stoner movies, and then relaxing all night til I pass out. Mixin' it up with the Vape and some Bong rips. :)

    I can't wait!

    Oh yea, I'd really like to know about AZO and tolerance. I really don't have any fat on me. I swim, lift weights,, my health is decent and I think I can work all the THC out pretty quickly.
  12. I was smoking twice a week in early march. I got caught, decided I wanted a break (not just for tolerance) from weed for a while. I took half of march and all of april off. Next weekend I will probably end my break and go to a buddy's house and just get really stoned. My other friend hasn't smoked since february, and he will be there too.The other friend has only been high once, and it will be his second time toking. Damn, we're gonna be B-A-K-E-D! Can't Wait! :D
  13. So, anyone know if it will lower the tolerance or not?
  14. 1 week did the job for me of not smoking.
  15. Yea, I'm thinking by next Saturday or Sunday I'm going to toke again. Just wanted a little extra help getting it out of me.

    Didn't know if this would lower tolerance or not.
  16. Like others have said, one week of being clean and you should notice a diffrence

    Just make sure you hold out for the full week, it will be worth it :smoking:
  17. Wow, I never knew that thing about weed surpressing REM/remembering dreams but man is that fucking true.

    I've quit for 5 weeks now (drug test in a week) after smoking everyday if I could for 3 years, and I noticed for at least the past 3 weeks that every time I sleep, whether it's full sleep at night or just a small nap I can vividly remember my dream. I remember saying to my girlfriend, "Damn I think quitting weed has made me start remembering my dreams," because before this break I rarely ever remembered dreams.

    Also, I cannot fucking wait to smoke. During this 3 year span the most I've ever taken off is a week at most, so suffice to say my tolerance was way up there. I'm and going to get high as fuck after I get the results back from this drug test.
  18. i find that while i remember my dreams more while sober, my dreams are more "exciting" when i'm high. i just wake up going "damn, that was an awesome dream." then i can't remember it of course.

    and as for azo lowering tolerance i would say probably not. take a break. i know my break is long enough once i'm on a normal sleep pattern again. even though you stop smoking, THC is stored in your fat cells. so your body gets into a funk when trying to sleep without a lot of it in your system. good thing you are doing a lot of exercize, hopefully you can do enough to get yourself to sleep those first few nights.
  19. i agree i think that break is good for you every smoker once i a while has to go through a tolerance break sometimes just think man after seven days smoke a blunt well bowl for you to the head and your gonna be fucked up man enjoy :)

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