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Tolerance Break Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Happyjack13, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I'm about to embark on a tolerance break. I am hoping to clear my head and figure some things out about myself and my life. I'm just wondering, from anybody who may have done this before...what is a good length to set as a goal? I'm somebody who has smoked everyday for years, without any reason to stop.

    Also, do you have any tips on the best way to get through those first few days? I've heard it can be tough to sleep and easy to get pissed off at things. Is there any tips to help with this?

    Any answers can help, thank you!
  2. Just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you'll be a month in.

    I like to trade one habit for another when I try to quit anything (cigs, alcohol, etc.), when I get a craving for alcohol, I reach for a glass of sweet tea. I want a cig, go for the Jolly Ranchers instead. Weed is easy for me since I usually finish a bag and take a week or two off afterwards, but there've been times where I wanted to smoke so bad because of stress it was almost unbearable. For those cravings, I usually just find a way to keep myself busy and not think about it.

    Hope this helps man, keep me posted.
  3. hey dude,first off gotta say much respect for your decision.the fact that you realized there might be something worth looking at in your life then would give up something obviously so important to you as smoking just to get a clearheaded look at is commendable and a good best of luck,
    as for the coping,find something in your lifestyle that you really enjoy,or some aspect that already is a part of your life and really throw yourself at it.full effort and immersion in something make it easier to forget the weed,at least for the first couple days.personally,a time to really cleanse my mind and body was a full four weeks.the first 2-3 days are def the hardest,and got easier around 7-10.hope was of some help
  4. take a week off. that should be good i think if you've been smokin for years like u say.
  5. Perfect! Thanks for the support. I've almost reached my first 24 hours in and so far so good...sort of. Haha, it was easy to keep off my mind while doing all I needed to get done today. Now that I am home and just kind of sitting around, it's not so much. Luckily I made sure to get rid of all of my stash, smoke all my kief, and clean both of my bowls. That way I won't be tempted with ANYTHING. The hardest part is going to be tomorrow and saturday at work. I work at a bar (which makes it easy to get bud whenever I might want it) I think if I can get to Monday without slipping, then I should be good for the long haul. I've decided to sit out until New Years. That gives me really exactly one month from today. I'll smoke new years eve, since I am not a huge drinker, and that should be an experience. Until then, just clear thoughts and making my life better!
  6. If you're thinking about slipping you're already slipping, remove it from your mind entirely, and don't think in terms of I work at a bar I can get bud whenever, etc. I have a medical card and shops are all over, when I take breaks I have no problems looking at marijuana and not getting the urge. If you let yourself get that urge you're going to have a shitty break.

    Just do other stuff for a couple of weeks don't set some time frame, get your mind straight and focus on other shit and when you're ready to start up again start up again.

    And I would go for at least a week and a half or two, if not more.
  7. Stay off this site! This site gives me cravings looking at all the dank lol. But I'm 26 days into my forced t-break and its really not that bad man. I got court the 12 and 15 and if they don't put me on probation Ima get high as a kite! Lol good luck op p.s work out hard core that's what I been doing and I sleep like a champ.

  8. And thank you for the encouraging words. Friends of mine who I usually smoke with don't seem to understand why I am doing this. They think it's something personal against them, but you know what if I was doing anything for or against them, the only thing would probably be bong rips with them and some NHL 2012 or FIFA. It's easy to forget responsibilities and push the things that really matter into the back of your mind when we're getting high all the time. I think Marijuana is amazing, and full of healing/medicinal potential. I also think it has destructive potential when used for reasons like I was using it. It used to be to wind down after work, and relaxing. Lately it's become to forget work, to cope with work. To cope with bad things in my life. For this I've discovered that I really am not growing as a person by turning away and ignoring these issues with bud. I'll go back and start using it to take breaks from the world every so often...but no more using it to completely block the world from my mind.

    Sorry for the mini rant, but it's almost like reassuring myself for the reasons I am putting myself through this. Again, thanks for the support.

  9. I've got my alarm set to get up and go for a run tomorrow. First time in about 5 or 6 months! Haha, I'll get in the swing of it. I used to work out religiously, almost like an addiction. So it shouldn't be hard to replace smoking with running, lifting, and playing some sports. That is good advice though, I remember sleeping like a baby always when I was working out and pushing my body.

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