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Discussion in 'General' started by sopostmodernn, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hey all!
    Well, I've reached that state where weed just isn't even 'worth it' anymore. I have pretty much smoked daily for about a year now, and usually multiple times a day (since the fall, about thrice a day). As you can guess, my tolerance is like I've never experienced before. Now, whenever I smoke (like, two bowls, a nice big tulip joint between four friends and myself, or even a blunt between four heads), it lasts for maybe an hour and I just get intensely burnt out. It's not even like I ever smoke regs, I usually either buy from or am smoked up by my friend who always has really good stuff. So clearly at this point smoking just isn't worth it, and a tolerance break has been long since overdue.

    That being said, I would love any tips and advice any of y'all tokers may have to offer.

    One of my biggest questions is how long should I try to abstain for? Unfortunately, most of the people that I have read about online haven't smoked nearly as long or frequently as I have. I have heard anything from a week or two to a month (and I am not sure if even a month would suffice in my case). What do y'all suggest?

    Second, if I interrupt that break, does that completely negate any progress I have made? For example, the last time I smoked was this past Saturday, and I am going to have some friends from university visit me at some point after this coming weekend (but within that week). I'd really like to smoke, but if I do so, will that mean that the week will have done nothing? A few weeks ago I had to go to Florida for about three days, and when I came back, I smoked a blunt with two friends as was stoned as hell, so is it possible that that period would help at least a little? This is also kind of important to me because I plan on meeting up with a bunch of friends from university in early July, and I'd hate to continually have to 'start from scratch' because of these 'special occasions', so to speak.

    Finally, I'd love to know if there is anything else I can do while I am on the break to help. I've heard of detox teas, cranberry juice, etc. Can anyone else verify this or suggest any other tips? And if I have stores of THC in my body fat, would increased exercise be beneficial? Granted I am an extremely skinny guy, but I am pretty ignorant about these things.

    I really don't have any problem about the length of the break other than those visits, as I intend on working as much as possible this summer to save money for a trip next year anyways.

    Thanks so much for any answers or tips y'all can provide!

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