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Tolerance Break PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dogs>ppl, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. disclaimer: i would consider myself a low-end experienced toker so please dont think im spamming this category just because i am 18, i know i am young so obviously i havent had time to experience everything but i am actually a sophomore in college- i have done lots of research on and smoked a lot of weed the past six years so i consider myself 'seasoned'.

    Hello grasscity!!! I am looking for specific advice on t breaks from people who are at least familiar w reuptake/feedback mechanisms or who have experience with breaks and can give me unique insight!!

    Here are my stats:
    ~145 lb female, 5'2 (i am curvy so this weight is only a little on the chubby side) almost 19 years old, moderately healthy lifestyle including long daily walks with my dog, lots of water and a -generally- good diet with some bad days. I have been smoking about 6 times a day ~2 bowls of highs or high mids a session by myself out of a bubbler for 5 months.

    This started as an amazing thing for me as weed really helped my anxiety and sleep issues but my tolerance has grown enormously making smoking almost seem pointless! I am wasting so much money and never really even feeling anything-everyones been there. I took a 2 week break after i ate 2 2g edibles and i was COMPLETELY unaffected. Last hannukah i had a .5g edible and was so high for 6 hours!!! After two weeks i was past the moodiness and sleep issues so i smoked a whole bowl of high grade medical in 3 hits and,,,,,the same old slight shift in mood occured.

    My suburb is pretty affluent which ironically means really nice weed is easy to access but for some reason there are NO oils or dabs or hash or any alternatives to flower other than having an edible :/

    From ages 12-15 i smoked once a week then 16-18 i smoked once every few months because I had a very prudish catholic boyfriend. When I smoked in high school and even my freshman year of college when i went back to smoking 3-4 times a week i had the LOWEST tolerance--im talking two hits blast off!! freshman year of college i hit 175 lbs which is like obese for my height but i STILL got wrecked sharing 2 bowls with like 6 people--i miss the ludicrous tolerance id always harbored!!!!

    i know i will probably never be as high as the 100 lb 12 year old girl i was when i first smoked but i was wondering how long my t break should be to get my tolerance back? it was literally my only blessing in life--except okay, being white and american and middle class, whatever ok i take it back but i had an amazing hand dealt to me when it comes to tolerance and i am scared that i may have messed it up permanently!!!

    if you read all this thank you SO much already and sorry im pedantic like this

    please let me know your opinion and any specific advice you have! I have done alot of research already so i know the basics of it, thank you very much in advance!!!

    TL;DR tolerance advice pls i smoked heavily for 5 mos and it fucked me over
  2. There's nothing complicated or certain about taking a tolerance break. Basically smoke a lot less or stop for a while then when you smoke, or smoke more, you'll get as high as you used to with less weed.
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  3. i just wanted to clarify/reiterate that i am in the seasoned tokers category because i would really appreciate an in-depth and informed discussion about tolerance after finding most threads to be full of people who are wildly misinformed or just trying to pass a drug test rather than honestly learn about their own body's and mind's relationship with marijuana
  4. thanks a guy for responding! i was just looking for maybe any more specific tips or information on how long of a break is the most effective because an infinite break wouldnt keep infinitely decreasig my tolerance- obviously there are an incredible number of factors but im looking for an informed estimation
  5. thanks for responding! i was just looking for maybe any more specific tips or information on how long of a break is the most effective because an infinite break wouldnt keep infinitely decreasig my tolerance- obviously there are an incredible number of factors but im looking for an informed estimation
  6. Only smoke once a day

    take fish oil and a multivitamin

    exercise daily, my highs are always better on days that I lift
  7. No problem. I was trying to allude to the fact that nobody will be able to give you as good of information as what you can learn from experience, by saying that nothing is certain about the T-break. I'd suggest you just experiment by taking 3 days off or only smoking once a day for 3 days then go back to normal habits and see what you think. Keep a journal. See what works for you. Smoke once a day M-F then puff lots over the weekend and see if that gets you to where you want to be.

    Your biology and lifestyle will be too different from someone else's for you to get any meaningful info here, in my opinion, other than...smoke less or stop for a while and see what you learn.

    Best of luck!
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  8. As folks have said, a tolerance break is pretty subjective. You need time for the receptors in your brain to clear. Depending on your amount of body fat (THC is stored in body fat) THC will continue to be released into your system for a bit. As you said yourself, the longer the t break the more your tolerance will drop. I find mine builds up again very quickly. I make smoking a once or twice a week treat because I like to keep it fresh and exciting and to keep getting high instead of normal. There's nothing that can quicken the process, though folks have mentioned heathy things which will support your efforts. Exercise that burns fat will help reduce or eliminate your fat stores. The brain- the cannabinoid receptors- are on their own clock though obviously if you're exercising, burning thc laden fat it will continue to block the already full receptors. Sorry, don't have any science- just a subject I have read a lot about. Good luck.
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  9. Your fat stores have nothing to do with tolerance as those are inactive metabolites (THC cooh) that are being released. You just need to let your CB receptors take a break for a while to make your tolerance go back down. 2-3 weeks is ideal but you can notice a change in 3 days or so but it won't last unless you cut down your frequency of use to once a day to keep your tolerance where you want it. I'd go for the two weeks personally.
  10. I had to get clean for a drug test recently. Took a week tolerance break and worked the thc out of my system.
    Pass my drug test
    And got my tolerance significantly lower
  11. I smoked off and on since highschool. I would do it a few times a month, then just stop for years. Recently I went my longest streak and did it for 6 months. Either up the amount, or stop completely. A month give or take and it should reduce your tolerance by half. (Mine usually goes back to 0)

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