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Tolerance break length questions...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokinman21, May 18, 2010.

  1. Okay, I need your opinions, guys...

    So I smoke daily, about a quad a week. I want to take a tolerance break and the last of my college classes will be done in about 3 weeks. My friends, whose classes end at the same time, also want T-Breaks but want to start smoking again the second they get out of their last classes.

    My question is this: I've never taken a decent break, since I started smoking. I did take 6 days off at one point and felt not much difference. By the end of my break, I would really like to be back to basically noob smoker level as far as my tolerance is concerned. Will three weeks be enough?

    When I come back off my t-break I want to be able to get that Earth rocking back and forth, heart beating out of your chest, everything moving in slow motion, can't even form a coherent thought high that I haven't gotten in sooooooooo long. You know the one. So what do you guys think?

    (can't wait to return too, because as with most people I'm assuming I have waaaaaaaaaay better bud than I used to when I had a low tolerance.)
  2. Ok, well a quad a week is a fuckload of bud, how much are you buying at a time, a quad? If you are u should probably just pick up ounces. Since your smoking so much weekley, usually a day or two will make a notable difference, a week a larger difference, ect. To become a weed virgin again you would need to wait 6+ months, honestly I would recommend 8+ months or even a year since you would be going so long without anyways.

    Better bud = quicker tollereance
    Drink lots of water, exercise, and dont eat fatty foods
    drink cranberry juice, traders joes sales 100% juice and traget/cvs sell juice/concentrate blends.

    Do these things and 3 weeks should be plenty of time

  3. Alright, thanks for the advice! Yeah I normally just pick up about a half O at a time because that's all funds allow for.

    Also yeah, it's unfortunate that better bud means more thc means high tolerance haha because I'm smoking top quality bud, in semi-large amounts. (Which is why I was worried about only breaking for 3 weeks." But, I'll exercise and drink lots of cranberry juice and water.

    Peace :smoke:
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    I recently did a six day tolerance break which was okay for the first three days then got extremely hard when anxiety, depression, emptiness and anger set in. I caved in last Monday and have gone back to smoking daily since. Even though the next day when I wake up from a heavy smoke I feel absolutely shit for several hours unless I smoke all day, which is not an option for me because of funds and studying for a degree. I'm finding this pattern of battling groggy depression for several hours until I've had sufficient coffees and cigarettes to feel okay again, only to repeat the whole cycle again very horrible indeed. But when I don't smoke for a while I feel okay but am never particularly happy. That's what usually gets me in the end. Weed makes everything seem happy and fun even if it might not be. It masks previously existing problems that will come back with a vengeance once you quit for a while. Apparantly it takes several months to feel normal again. I don't know if I want to put myself through that. When I'm stoned I can think of many reasons why I should quit, but when I'm sober I can think of just as many reasons to smoke. The hardest thing about quitting weed for an extended period of time is that you really don't WANT to. It's not like being addicted to cigs (which I also am) where you want to quit but CAN'T. When I'm not smoking for a while I just feel like my life's pretty empty. Weed makes everything seem okay.

  5. Honestly man, you need to quit smoking. If you have that severe of effects of mental "withdrawal" from weed, then it's time to kick that habit because it sounds like it really negatively impacts your quality of life.

    I know what you mean as far as hitting permastone then just being exhausted all the time. That's part of why I'm taking a tolerance break. But after two or three days off, it's not a problem for me at all. If you're getting angry, depressed, etc. when you stop smoking then you simply shouldn't smoke, because you're obviously addicted to it (mentally only of course). It just isn't for everybody.
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    Drinking cranberry juice won't help. that is used when trying to pass a drug test because it is a diuretic and constant urination lowers the concentration of metabolites per whizz, the same with drinking excessive amounts of water.3 weeks is a good starting point, if it's not long enough you could easily extend it but 6-8 months is a ridiculous amount of time. Stay occupied and don't give in. Good luck bro. How long has this been your regimen?
  7. lol 6 month t-break?

    you need like a month to become a weed virgin again
  8. Hahah, where did you come up with this waiting 6+ months crap?

    No OP, you do not need to wait that obscene amount of time wtf rofl. At the amount you are consuming you would probably get fucked up pretty good after only a few days, but if you want to make the most of it I would go for a few weeks. If you want to get all traces of THC out of your system it'll take between 40-50 days, but you don't need to break for that amount of time even a week break and you'd be pretty lit on your first toke back. I would just break til you're outta school and then have fun.
  9. ^ Agreed and it's not like those tips about exercising, eating healthy, and drinking water won't help your tolerance from day to day. That won't make a tremendous difference, at least what you're looking for. We can only give you estimates about the time because no knows your body type and chemistry enough to know when it will be fresh again. But a month to two months should be significant enough for you, only because you're going through huge amounts. Just have a sesh , or start one, and see if it's hitting you hard like you thought.

    To Mr. Stoned - Man I know how you feel when I quit I hate getting those feelings of depression because that means I'm attached to this substance, even if it is a plant. I hate the thought of that so I just look up as much as I can keep a positive attitude and maintain my perspective that life is okay without it, it always keeps turning regardless. So basically you have to not let yourself get in that state of mind, even if it means turning to other activities or a change in your lifestyle, permanent or not.
    I'm by no means superman though I just ended mine recently but I kept that T-break state of mind, if u can get what I'm saying
  10. Everybody has a different experience with tolerance. Some people can just stop for a few days and get high as fuck again. Some people need to wait a while. It sort of depends on your weight and metabolism. For me I find one month or so gets me back to "weed virgin" state, though even after a few days I notice a difference.

    But dude if you're going through a quad a week I don't recommend going cold turkey. Ease off it...
  11. just so everyone knows and i stop hearing this... what you eat,how much you exercise/ lift wights, how fat you are, how fast your metabolism is, how much water/cranberry/detox you drink do not affect your tolerance in the slightest bit.
  12. ^^^^ this.
    Everyone, your tolerance gets higher because many of the cannabinoid receptors in your brain has shut down or has been damaged. Only time will heal the process of your cannabinoid receptors. Your metabolism, exercise, and how much water/cranberry juice you drink doesn't have any contribution in the healing process.
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    Alright, thanks for the help guys I think I've figured out what I need to know from the thread as a whole haha...

    Yeah I knew a lot of what the first responder said was pretty off, but the cranberry juice and water thing sounded pretty legit haha so i thought maybe he was right on that.

    Also for those recommending against going cold turkey because I smoke a decent bit...uhh, why? I don't have any issue quitting really, it's easy enough.
  14. I didn't smoke last night and didn't wake up depressed today. Tired and out of coffee maybe, but not overly groggy and definitely not sad for no reason. I think that's a clear pointer to cut down my smoking. Daily usage will catch up with you in the end, unless you're OSG or Ted Turner.
  15. The first couple days after smoking with a break, is always the hardest for me. After a week i'm completely fine, I haven't smoked in almost 2 weeks, and I don't even have a single urge to smoke.

    What does a high feel like when you smoke on a daily basis?

  16. I think the key is this: marijuana can't be your only source of happiness. You've got to find something in your life that makes you happy, be it your friends, family, pets, job, hobbies, etc. If you're just living for the next time you can get high, you're not living life to the fullest.

    I've been in your shoes, man. There have been times when I've been extremely unhappy and I've used MJ as a crutch. I'm kind of going through it right now, having just graduated and having such a hard time finding a job. It's nice to kick back and smoke, but you (and I) can't rely on it and live a healthy life.

    You sound like you've got some issues that need dealing with and I really urge you to address them. Going through life being unhappy just isn't worth it. it's a waste of your precious time here on earth. There's no shame in getting help if you need it.

    I'm no doctor or mental health professional, and I don't ever claim to be, but here are some simple things you can do to help yourself feel better:

    - Exercise. Even a 10 minute walk can improve your mood for up to 2 hours. It's even better if you've got a dog.
    - Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies. They're so good for you and they truly do make you feel better. You'll have more energy and your mood will be greatly improved.
    - Spend time with people you genuinely care about and who genuinely care about you.
    - Get some sunlight every day. Our bodies rely on sunlight for vitamin D, to regulate our circadian rhythm, and it just feels great being out on a sunny day.

    But really man, don't be afraid to get help if you need it. You're worth it.
  17. like your high
  18. for me a tolerance break is not an option unfortunately. the last time i tried to stop smoking for a few weeks it was complete pain and anger. i couldnt believe how psychologically addicted to weed i really was. i was supposed to stop for a month but only lasted 5 days and even that made quite a difference. some advice to people reading this, dont smoke weed EVERYDAY, smoke it like every few days. that will keep your tolerance down and your highs will be much better and you wont get addicted to being high all the time.
  19. thank you, i learnt alot from your post. :)
  20. Wow Ive never heard of marijuana "Withdrawal" I usually smoke on a daily basis and havent had any since saturday and i don't feel any different. Probably some kind of mental addiction, to me weed is like something you get when you can afford it, if not, of well, maybe next time.

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