Tolerance Break - Jan. 23 - Feb. 23

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Michio Kaku, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, gonna be making my first serious attempt at a 1 month tolerance break.
    Never went longer than 4 days, but then I was just dry, not committed to a break.
    I smoke at least 7 grams of good every day, so this should be interesting.
    Marijuana's not physically addictive, but I'd say it's a crutch for me.
    Let's see how this goes  :metal: I will be posting updates.

    What the hell do you do for a living that allows you to smoke 7 grams a day?  
    Damn man.
  3. That's my minimum :p
    I'd get banned if I elaborated. 
  4. I call bullshit. Elaborate.

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  5. haha nope. not getting banned. call bullshit(x
  6. Well, taken the fact that you're only 19, and weed isnt the cheapest thing on the market, you smoking 7g a day that makes 49-50 grams a week, so thats about 200g a month. So yeah, take your tolerance break..

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  7. Are you stealing purses and raping old women to get your fix yet?
  8. Yeah much needed, takes a blunt to myself (1-1.5g) to get high for 20 minutes. I have good weed too.
    No, I steal old women and fuck purses.
  9. Your t break won't really do anything unless you take fish oil bro. I've been there before took a 2 month one, only made a difference for like 3 days then went to the same as before

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  10. breaks going great. more energetic, and pretty clear headed since ive been smoking indica.
    naw homie krill oil
  11. Haven't posted because GC makes me want to smoke.
    Still going good - Not sure if I'll last til the 23rd though
  12. Good for you man! What are you doing to keep busy??
  13. Lots of COD boosting and GTA 5 and just got a job so that'll help.
  14. I hope your break is going well. If you bought a vaporizer like an ssv you wouldn't go through 7 g a day... hahaha

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  15. You must waste alot of weed OP.

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  16. Broke the T break guys! Tested it with reggie. 2 bowls got me as stoned as 2 blunts of the good solo.
  17. I had to stop on January 13th(also my birthday) because of truancy court issues. Still going strong. I'm so excited to see how stoned I get when I'm able to toke again

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  18. Tolerance break usually means mandatory and/or legally required break
    otherwise there's no point
  19. no. it's to lower your tolerance.

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