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Tolerance Break Issues

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexvont12, May 20, 2010.

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    Since its almost the end of school I've decided to take a tolerance break so I'll be nice and fresh when i get out of school.

    But I have a few problems... I have Social Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar II disorder (a shitload of depression with occasional mini-manic episodes), and ADHD.

    Every night before bed I smoke weed, so I wake up with that small buzz every morning. This buzz makes me happy (eliminates depression/anger), calms me down (decreases intensity of manic episodes/eliminates anger), makes me really not care about what people think (eliminates social anxiety/anger), and helps me stay interested in school (strongly helps ADHD). This lasts maybe half the day, but after that all my symptoms come right back.

    Whenever I decide not to smoke one night, the next day I am horribly depressed and get panic attacks whenever I talk to somebody or the teacher calls my name. This reminds me of 9th grade when I was on the verge of suicide because of how bad my Bipolar and Social Anxiety Disorders were.

    Marijuana is the only thing that seems to help, so in a way I'm addicted to the medical benefits of marijuana.

    Over the summer I'm not going to have much to do so I know I will choose smoking weed over sitting around for 2 weeks.

    Sooo... How do I get myself to take a tolerance break?

    Thanks for reading.. I know its long.
  2. If you're on medication, you need to start using them. If not see a doctor and get a few scripts.
  3. The thing is I don't want to be taking meds. Weed helps with everything. Why take meds with shitty side effects when I can smoke something natural with awesome side effects. I just need something to get by for a few weeks.
  4. wow, i am the the same as you..
    except i only have social anxiaty(sp?)
    and when wake up with that mild buzz for school it makes everything so much less stressfull. i can focus way better and be myself more.

    as far as the tbreak thing idk but i was just glad wasnt the only one so i posted.
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    Honestly it's just mind over matter. You have to know that you can stop. I just got done with a one month Tbreak, and though it was kinda hard I knew that I could do it because it's really simple... if you don't want to smoke (or can't), and can't trust yourself not to just don't go into your stash box. Of course, I also just quit smoking like a month ago and I don't crave them all too much really (kinda heavy smoker for a few years). Like I said, mind over matter.:smoke::D

    Edit: Just thought I would add that I suffer from ADD, OCD, and depression, and smoking helps with these greatly. Still just mind over matter though.
  6. yeah bro i have OCD and anxiety disorders and im pretty much on a tbreak. its been 3 weeks and i feel that my OCD's gotten worse, but shit im broke anyway.... lol and its all about using your mind. you can control that shit, dont let weed or any drug for that matter be your crutch.
  7. Actually, this isn't a case of "mind over matter." It's a case of chemical imbalance that causes severe depressive/manic episodes. It's very dangerous to tell someone who is bipolar that they can handle this themselves. If they could. They wouldn't need medication.

    First all all, why are you quitting again? If it's helping what is the problem? The only reason you should be taking a t-break is when the cannabis isn't doing what it's supposed to. According to you, it's doing EVERYTHING it's supposed to. So, once again, why are you contemplating a t-break?

  8. i disagree, see i know people who are bi polar and they control it without the use of medications. the mind is a very powerful thing and with practice you can over come things like that.
  9. Tell a schizophrenic or people with split personalities that they can control it... they're all mental disorders. The only people who know what its like are the people who have them...
  10. Thank you ^^

    Because I'm needing more and more and I can't afford going through a gram of weed just to get me high. The more I wait the more I'm going to need it and since school's over my tolerance will just get even higher, so in my perspective now is the time to do it.
  11. And you sir, are full of shit. I have three close relatives who are bipolar. My mother, one brother and my favorite nephew. THEY HAVE TO TAKE MEDICATION. There are no if's ands or buts about it. No mind over matter newage bullshit will fix this. It's a physiological disorder as well as a psychological one. You cannot wish a depressive or manic episode away. You should keep you trap shut unless you know what the hell you're talking about. This effects people lives.
  12. It's time for you to see a psychiatrist. You need some prescriptions. Probably just some anti-anxieties. Do you have a medical marijuana program in your state? You could join a co-op or dispensary board and they can help you get medical marijuana. If you feel you REALLY really need a t-break? Talk to a psychiatrist about getting temp meds until your break is over. Going cold turkey can have some serious side effects. Be very careful. :)
  13. smoke spice
  14. OP, if you don't have to quit for legal issues, you keep your shit straight(earn money),prioritize and you medicate for legitimate personal reasons...why quit? tolerance too high break... I did need stronger buds. simple. Keep tokin' and show 'em all!
  15. I'm the same way man. I enjoy my few weeks off each year though. It should be a nice break, not a painful one.
  16. Not sure if this is what your asking for, but if your quitting for legal issues, get a licence. Sounds like you could use one, and I think they give them for at least one of those.
  17. This guy saying its mind over matter is pissing me off with his ignorance. I have relatives with bipolar disorder and thats basically an insult to them.
  18. To the OP,
    I have mild depression with intense social anxiety. Weed helped me get through the day. I had to take a break from weed because of a new job with drug tests. If you are taking a break I suggest exercising in the afternoon til you are dead tired as much as possible, it helps you go to sleep and you will wake up feeling good.
  19. whoever mentioned excersise id go with that. seriously increased mood and the being tired at night helps you sleep better and be in a better mood the next day. the other thing, witch may not help is to get some jwh-18. its a synthetic that has effects that are in my opinion are identical to pure thc. could help if you are in serious need of medication. doesnt show up on drug tests to the best of my knowledge. though it doesnt have much research behind it and may be harmful to your health. what i do on tolerance breaks is some intense excersize and try to keep myself occupied. oh and by the bye i have adhd, social anxiety and some mild schizo delusion type episodes and i understand your need for the weed. if its that bad you should really just take some meds for a while. short term isnt that bad and then your off em. good luck :D

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