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TOLERANCE BREAK? Did I just end it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2k8bomb, May 5, 2011.

  1. Alright so basically I've been toking everyday since summer (not getting blitzed but a nice buzz going), I decided to take a tolerance break on Sunday (May 1).

    I had an urge to toke up for these past few days, and just needed a little substitute. So I bummed like half a cig (I don't smoke) from my friend, ripped it apart and used my weed pipe to smoke just a full bowl of it.

    Had a nice head rush, but when it burned to the bottom of the bowl, I exhaled and tasted a little bit of res. I think I might've smoked a little bit of res (not much) but is this enough to break my tolerance break?

    It should also be noted that I'm a light weight, getting buzzed over like half to a full bowl of weed.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I mean tolerance break isn't something that works like if you smoke once it's like starting over, just don't smoke cigs.
  3. Uhhh... Your tolerance break is what you make it. No one else can judge if your t-break is over because of resin. For some people a t-break could be smoking a lot less everyday, or quitting cold turkey. It is what you make it. There's no rules for a t-break.
  4. Lol yeah but I'm just wondering cause it would suck ass if it ended cause of a little res -_-
  5. I smoke everday everynight, took a tolerance break of 4 days and was flying. People long out with the T breaks.

  6. Okay, I will say this one more time. haha. There is no way to end a t break besides to say "im done with this, and im going to smoke weed" If you smoked a little res, who gives a shit. Only you and your decisions can end a t break. Not smoking a little res.
  7. Thanks, haha good to know. Gonna have a blast getting blitzed all day tomorrow.

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