Tolerance Break after 8 years of heavy usage

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  1. Hi guys and gals out there. It's been a while since I have posted, but I'm about to take my first tolerance break. I have never taken a break

    I have been smoking heavily for about 8 years give or take. Extremely potent bud, hash, and then when oil came around started dabbing.

    I'm stopping for a month atleast just to see how it feels and get my tolerance back after 8 years.

    I'm just wondering how I'm going to feel during this month?
    And how long will it will take to not feel like I'm missing out on my daily ritual?
    Also wondering if anyone has had similar experience they've gone through.
    Maybe some suggestions to keep myself busy and mind off of the herb.

    I know nothing is wrong with cannabis, I just would like to see how it feels to be sober after 8 years of not being and gain some tolerance back haha.

    Anything will help,
    Thank you.
  2. Prepare for a lot of problems trying to fall asleep (at least thats always the biggest problem for me when I take a break).
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  3. Me too. Get a bottle of melatonin just in case. You may feel a little draggy or depressed, but you'll thank yourself for the break. Just remember to come back in a little easy or with a mild strain. I've seen some anxiety in folks after breaks of a month or more.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
  4. You're probably gonna be really irritable for a week or two. Make sure to keep your temper in check or try to steer clear of stressors.
  5. Ya sleep has been my main concern. Hopefully a nice workout during the day and a mind sleep aid at night will do the trick.
  6. I smoked for 5 years heavily then took a break for a few months due to drug testing at a specific job, like people are saying sleeping for the 1st week or so is bad takes ages to get to sleep then when u do sleep I was having the dodgiest dreams ever n sweating like a mother fucker through the night but only about a week then it gets easier, it's just about breaking habits, when u would normaly smoke finding something do with yourself,
    But I dare say after only a month your tolerance will be back to what u are just now within a week
  7. Thanks for the reply, that helps a lot to know it'll get better after a week. Who knows after a month I may want to go a few more months.
  8. Lol I doubt it mate iv now been off the weed close to a year n every weekend I still have the wee urge blaze up probably not helped by the fact i grow it and see it all the time lol
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  9. Op .. Its just about getting your cravings under control to a point where you dont think about smokin .. the secret is to take each week day by day, one day at a time .. both sides of your brain have got to come to an agreement to stop gettin high ..
  10. Was it worth it? I'm on day 31 aiming for 37.
  11. After the month break when you smoke the first few times your most likely gonna get pretty ripped. You'll notice however that your tolerance will shoot back up again. Next time you want to get pretty stoned one take a day or two off the first dayish of not smoking drops your imidiatd tolerance pretty quickly. Anymore days after that will not do much more for you

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