Tolerance and Religion, a short primer

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  1. Buddhism - What is gods, and why do they matter. Can I have one with all, or do it require several, none? Is it me?

    Hinduism - Many people, many needs, many gods. Choose and change.

    Jewism - One people, one god, but we're not all that religious about it.

    - When we decide what is the right interpretation of god and his alleged corporal legacy, we'll let you know. Until then, we have many clubs open for you.

    Islam - Our belief is set in stone, and you better believe and obey it, or your head is in grave danger of seperating from your shoulders.

    Disbelief - To each their own, just don't ask to be polite to silliness.

  2. hahaha thats funny.yeah,religion is pointless. all it is a book that some people took too far,it's like a comic book nerd at comic-con.or those kids that act out harry potter.
  3. I saw a poster at Spencers that was something like this, lol.

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