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tolerance and dro...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hydro_dank_man, May 1, 2006.

  1. ok i was just wondering me being a smoker for well 5 years now im 6'1" 175 so i have a pretty skinny body type so i get high relly fast and that was true i could smoke a bowl to tha head and be pretty damn high normally smoke blunts tho my preference plus my freinds can smoke to so i normally have me and a freind (dankwanted) or (ravenousdank) on a blunt with me sometimes both of them so just 3 heads and i get high but ever since 3 days ago my tolerance that wasent there for 5 years just came and kicked me in the ass i cant really get high no more it suck so thats where my second question comes in should i quit smoking or buy some dro or is dro relly worth it just to get high? any suggestions
  2. buy like an eight of heads for 50$.. and quater of mids for like 50 too.. and just mix it all in one bag all chopped up or grinded up (seal it so it doesnt dry upp..) and ull get high.. and ull have alot..
  3. man you gotta learn how to write in sentences..............anyways, from what i can decipher, it seems like your tolerance only appeared 3 days ago after you smoked for 5 years?......that doesnt really make sense......maybe you just had some shitty weed for the past 3 days and thats why you arent getting high....
  4. Tolerances are tricky...

    Tolerance will be noticed more readily in weed with a high amount of THC (Mind High), than those with a high amount of alternative Cannabinoids (body high, most indica strains and mids, reg etc...). This is because the THC is essentially a neurological antagonist, whereas cannabinoids are an intoxicant. Same way as other drugs; alcohol, as an intoxicant, takes longer to develop a tolerance to than does cocaine and heroin, being inhibitors and antagonists, respectively.

    *edit* My point being, if you smoke mids for years, you won't notice much. But then try to smoke dank or dro for a year, you'll see what I mean.
  5. I would say to take abreak if you can If you cannot I voted for the mids. Good luck. JOE>
  6. hey cuz, i just think that shits in your head caus weve been talking about tolerance too much around you, and yeah the weed weve been getting lately isnt as good as it was before mailman got his baby. that shit fucked me up bad. i say (voted) we get some mids man i bet ya boo got a connect if not we will find some somewhere

  7. I been smokin dro every day for a couple years and I still get ripped. just smoke a few more bowls
  8. I only have the chance to smoke every couple of weeks. I get high as hell because of it, plus dank buds.
  9. save up all your money, take a tolerance break, and get some bad ass chronic. that way you'll be smoking a lot less (higher quality herb, less tolerance) so you can conserve better
  10. shit, just call up db, you could get some droey from him (through his guy)

    but yeah get dro
  11. take a break for a week or two and save up in those two weeks and use it to buy some dro or any dank really.

    i can tell you from experience that taking a 2 week break does absolutly shit. youll be back that day after you start smoking again

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