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Tolerance after dabbing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sanguine79, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Aight so I've been doing wax on my vape for probably 6 months now everyday. I do on average 2 small dabs a day. A gram lasts me about 3 weeks up to 2.5 months depending on how many people I'm getting high off that one gram. My dabs are probably about the size of a cannabis seed. Maybe a tiny bit smaller depending which mod I'm using. Anyway. When I first smoked I smoked .8 of some dank stuff. Was definitely hallucinogenic. Saw lines, colors, shapes and everything would blur arou d what I was looking at. Almost like I was in "warp speed". Now I definitely don't get that effect. Get pretty paranoid and just get kinda dark. Definitely needed a tolerance break. I'm on day 3. Been taking lots of b vitamins and omega 3,6 and 9. Along with activated charcoal. (Thought I'd hafta drug test but don't) I feel like I have a high tolerance but a gram lasts me 2 months if it's just me smoking so that makes me wonder as some can dab a gram every 3 days. Any thoughts on how long I should break? Should I start back real slow so its not overwhelming after a long break? Thanks y'all. Been a reader for about 8 years. First time poster.
  2. I got fired 2 days ago for something totally unrelated then I got a new job today. Start Monday. Have nothing to do today and I wanna do a little dab but I don't wanna ruin my break... Decisions decisions....
  3. Did a 1/2 a seed size dab. My tolerance feels like it came down quite a bit. Definitely didnt get the negative high this time. Definitely have way more body high. Answered my own question I guess. Try out that cleanse. Works great. Take short breaks and toke up y'all.

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