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Tolerance - A good thing.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Scarfacee, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Years back I started smoking weed (HS) but it was only for special occasions and such. Didn't start smoking daily until after college.
    As like most who use daily - I saw an increase in tolerance. I wasn't getting the first time high anymore, not even like the first few years with how infrequently I smoked. I'd have to smoke a lot to get "stoned"
    Yet I found as I built a tolerance and began to see less of a high with consistently the same dosages, I began to see more of the wonders of the plant. 

    The high was to make the headaches go away, take the edge off and put me in a good mood instead of being angry, to prevent violent anger outbursts, to relieve social discomfort/anxiety and converse more fluently, to expand my creativity, to even enhance focus. 

    I told myself I would never let myself become a frequent smoker, than an every day smoker, then a multiple times a day smoker. And I finally realized limits should be based on productivity and a balance of negative and positive influences.
    Why should I limit something that brings me a greater quality of life? The answer, I shouldn't. Only if the usage begins to hinder productivity does it become too much. That amount being different for everyone, of course.
    I don't need to get fucked up. There's alcohol for that - which I personally avoid except for special occasions/family because getting fucked up really isn't my thing. 
    I've been the guy who gets high and sits around before and I'm now the guy who gets high and works very successfully and lives life to the fullest. The weed didn't really have an impact on either. It was just me being lazy before. If anything, it helped me to look at myself more introspectively and realize my flaws.
    It took me a while to moderate my usage and begin to realize what amounts and methods of consumption contribute to my best overall possible performance in life, but I can undeniably say that my life would be worse without cannabis. Maybe not bad, but the benefits and positives it has brought to my life are surreal and I'm thankful every day.
    I've only posted this to possibly provide a new perspective, as I enjoy the tolerance I've built. It's not extremely high, but its at the point that I can smoke small amounts to preserve weed and still get my desired high and all the benefits without getting fucked up/couch locked/super sleepy etc.
    I'm sure there will be plenty of people who agree and disagree but that is fine as this wonderful plant has many uses for many people. Do you and keep on living life to the fullest, and don't let weed prevent that, rather allow it to enhance it. 
  2. say word son
  3. I'm totally realizing the same thing myself. Though until I get a med card I can't smoke through the day and not get really burned out because I don't have consistent access to sativas

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