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Told uncle/aunt to smell weed 4 first time

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Whatpottt123, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. They said it smelled like mold and not good at all. To me it smelled like some good dank.

    When I heard mold, i got scared. but i dont seem to see any mold. But they were sure it smelled just like mold in a pool house.
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  2. What lol how old are you if you're scared of the smell of mold :blink:
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  3. I'm guessing he's at least 15.
    I'm not really sure why you would want to run something like this by your aunt/uncle...what's the story there?
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  4. mold in weed is no joke son
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  5. I tossed my entire grow due to mold.
    Ain’t, knowingly, letting anyone smoke fungi.
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  6. [​IMG]

    does that right there look like mold?
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  7. Well, it certainly does, doesn’t it?
    (Focus is a bit off)

    I WATCHED the bud rot on my plants.
    Everyone said; just pick off the brown spots.
    BUT... I could SEE that the mold was growing
    on the outer tips... not inside the damp plant.
    *I* decided that the fungus was endemic.

    Perform your own due diligence and decide for yourself.
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  8. Very hard to tell on dried bud. Did you grow it? I am fighting botrytis right now and have tried cutting the bad spots out but more pop up everyday. I think I'll be tossing it 20190814_101430.jpg
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  9. You have exactly what I had.
    Observe how and where it grows...
    lemme know what you see, please.
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  10. Jeesh how can this be prevented, a bit humid where i am, maybe will drop by mid september

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  11. Started at the top of the colas and is working it's way down. It's an auto outside with very dense buds so there was not much time to do preventative sprays. It is covered in wpm and seems like where that is heaviest is where the botrytis is worst.
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  12. We are pretty close geographically and the humidity is worst from now till harvest.....many mornings it will be 100%
    I've been spraying my big girls weekly with neem and will switch to potassium bicarbonate in another week or 2 now that they are flowering. Fans at night to keep the morning dew off and protected during rains.
  13. fungicides help if you get it early.
    I use the Daconil and Safer
  14. I can't tell by the pics if that's mold. Sometimes there are large growths of cystolith hairs that look white and can be mistaken for mold. If I had to make a guess based on that picture I'd guess those are cystoliths and not mold.

    Why would you have relatives that have never seen weed (or so they say) look at your buds?
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  15. You can all joke all you want but why in the hell would any of you really inhale cannabis with mildew/mold? THROW IT AWAY! Never worth the risk IMO. The wrong spore could be GAME OVER!

    Remember this - it's just a weed. You can always get more and learn from this going forward...

    If it really has that pissy mildew smell - throw it away. Dont look back, it was a great decision !

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  16. Did someone say they would smoke moldy weed or say the weed had a pissy mildew smell? OP said he didn't see any mold and it smelled like dank. It was the relatives, who have never seen marijuana, that brought up mold. You need 2Relax.
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  17. I was perceiving it as growing out from the 'stem'.
    Mine were autos, as well, and my inaction caused the problem.
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  18. When I had bud rot it looked like it started in the middle. I let my humidity get out of control, it was a learning experience.
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  19. I guess, in the end, I want some one to say;
    a) If you have bud rot the plant has it.
    b) the fungus is only on the brown spots.
  20. On my grow, there was NO white, fluffy stuff.
    Tips just started turning brown.
    The cause was obvious.

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