told to add tap water to ro water

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  1. is this correct? seems like sabotage its from the cannatonic grow guide from resin seeds, thanks guys.
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    I guess it would depend on the ppm of your tap water - if it's real high then mixing it would reduce the ppm's. I use tap water alone.
  3. Yes it's correct. RO has a low pH and also contains no cal/mag, etc.
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  4. Same here..
    My grow shop told me to mix like 25% tap water in with my RO water..Don't have a ppm meter, but I have only added Cal-Mag a couple of times in 2 grows (Really did not need it, but was experimenting)..HOWEVER, I do let the mixture stand over night, since we have CHLORINE in our tap water, no matter what certain peeps here say.
  5. By adding the tap water (1/3 tap to ro for me) it makes ph adjustment easy where straight ro water will drop to 4 or less when you add nutrients.
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  6. You might be right about the chlorine, not entirely sure, I may have to test that. I know chloramine is used, and I believe there's another disinfectant that is used also. I used to let mine sit out for 24 hours but usually never do anymore.
  7. HahhahHah AND..Welcome to RENO..LMAO
  8. Really depends on where you live my grow has done perfect and I've used nothing but tap water but tap is different wherever you live so no one can really give you a straight forward answer unless you have details on your tap water

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  9. Chlorine is still used for purification in over half the country's drinking water. My city changed to chloramine about 10 years ago.
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  10. thanks guys appreciate all the input from everyone,

    gonna mix in tap water until i reach an ec of 0.3-0.4 (210-280ppm) then add calmag until 0.4-0.5 ec and that should be perfect

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