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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The dreamer, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. so I recently told my mom that I smoked, and she gave me the thumbs up and went on about how weed is the natural healer for anxiety, pains, and is fun to boot.

    gotta say that went way better than I expected :)
  2. Im thinking about doing this soon also... dont think she smokes but shes very hippie. If things dont go as well as yours did i think im just gonna make her watch The Union or something
  3. well my mom smokes but I just didn't think she'd take it as well since I was always nagging on her for smoking so much a few years back, now I guess she's glad I won't be doing that anymore too haha. Good luck with telling your mom!
  4. I wish i could tell my parents but they are very close minded, and might dis-own me. I'm gonna tell them when I move to amsterdam.
  5. i wish i could tell mine before they catch me, but I'm too scared, i know they wouldn't approve of it, seeing as i JUST turned 18 this month, and they'll think i'm irresponsible and that weed is harmful at a young age

    id like to be caught smoking from a 48 inch roor or a massive blunt, something that i can look back and laugh about when im older and not worried about being kicked out

  6. HAhaaaa same here. :wave:Sucks, b/c I think its awesome when parents are accepting of their kids decisions, letting them be adults as they will be off in the real world soon. O well, guess my close minded parents have taught me how to deal w/ all the close minded people I will encounter in the world. ;)

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