told my dad im gay.

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  1. *sigh*
    not the reaction i was expecting.
    he just kinda acted liek he was okay with it but i could tell he had some getting used to.
    he was asking me about my ex boyfriend ryan and how he hasnt seen him in a long time. he was tellin me, you know, ' i liked ryan, what ever happened to him? did he move?' so i said; no dad, we broke up. and he chuckled and made a joke to go along with what i said, and i told him i wasnt kidding. he asked if i was gay and i said yeah. he goes, ' okay with that..'
    you could tell in his tone he wasnt completely. but whatever, i hope he can cope with it.
  2. are you his only son?

    dont rub it in his face, man.

    I wouldnt hate my son for being gay, but I would just be pretty sad.
  3. For him to SAY he's okay with it is such a huge step in BEING okay with it.

    That's really awesome, actually.


    um OKAY. :rolleyes:. While your at it, tell him not to rub his straight-ness in your face either?!?!

    Fuck that, dude.

  4. The fact that he told you he was ok with it is all that matters, really. That means he understands that whatever issues he has with it, they are HIS issues to deal with and he doesn't want to take it out on you.
  5. no, hes got another kid who happens to actually be my brother
  6. Dont take offense man.. Im not tryin to offend.

    but yeah atleast he told you he was alright with it.

    Hah I told my dad I was gay(in not gay) once just to fuck with him... He fuckin flipped on me!
  7. good for u man:hello: thats a very big step for u and him.

    if i had a gay son i would be confused. but what can u do hes still ur son ur still gonna love him.:smoking:
  8. yeah, we really havent talked since. i cant really find a reason to start a convorsation
  9. I think it's good that you told him, man. You should never have to hide being gay, the people who hate gays are the ones who need help.

    I sort of see where Boosh is coming from though with the only child thing, it's not the fact that he was gay that would make me sad, it would be the fact that I'd never have grandkids. I want to be a cool grandpa some day.
  10. If he said he's ok with it, he's really on the right track. It's his issue to sort out personally, and it seems that he can deal with it, which is great. I'm happy for ya :D
  11. I don't get it. This might sound bad but not being gay is the normal one. Being straight is like the default setting haha. But my point is youre making it sound like being straight isn't what is normal. After all, you're the ones goes against nature.
  12. im sure he was pretty shocked. sounds like he took it ok. give him a week or two, he will be over it. look at the bright side. he could have kicked you out and disowned you.
  13. People like you make me pretty sad :(
  14. Huh? Being naturally blonde isn't 'normal'; normalcy has nothing to do with a qualitative moral judgement.

    And anyone who knows anything about anything knows that homosexuality is perfectly natural and well documented in nature :)
  15. my point about nature is male and female. A male goes with a female, ever made a puzzle before? Straight is normal in nature.
  16. Not in every case.

    And besides, it's not a judgement of the nature of the human being, it's a judgement of the morality. The line between male and female isn't so clear cut as you'd think.
  17. i think you have a HELLLLLLA cool dad
    i mean, it would be a huge shocker, and the way you told him.. was just kinda out there, yknow?
    it was like you expected that he knew you were gay, idk
    a lot of parents would get angry and stuff, but he said he was okay with it right after you told him
    i think thats great, cause it would come as quite the surprise if i was a parent too

    well, at least you got that off your chest, and im sure over time he will get used to it :D
  18. i can see what Boosh is saying.. its not bad what hes saying..

    but props man. that takes a lot of balls
  19. Props for that dude; I'm sure it wasn't easy to tell him. Hopefully he will be understanding.
  20. not really man. what we view as "straight" is merely a species trying to survive another generation.

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