toking up on thanksgiving ??

Discussion in 'General' started by 42Omidnitetoker, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. got my thanksgiving day blunt rolled, i kinda feel like i gotta have the munchies to truly enjoy all of this delicious food, otherwise its just a waste.. im gonna be with family though, so i do hope no one at the table knows im stoned
  2. nice. thats the way to do it champ
  3. fukin aye, family dinner completely blunted.. ended up finishing all the KFC and leaving none fo the kids MUAHAHAH
  4. Def gon smoke today! Already did during the morning.
  5. oh btw HAPPY THANKSGIVING :D :smoke::D

    and yes blazin before is win

  6. nice! will yur fam be pissed..if yu come to the table stoned..eating all the pie, nd such
  7. Oh yeah man, you can't let a munch fest like Thanksgiving go by without getting ripped.
    Drop some rohto in your eyes, OP and no one will be any wiser, every one is clamoring for that grub, not just us stoners xD
  8. Me and my cousin blaze every year before+after...besides one year when I was like 14 he brought a blunt and offered it to me but turned it down...but usually I supply the weed. Last year he was like "damn I was gonna bring weed but I was too hungover to get some" or something so maybe he'll bring some this year since I haven't had access to weed in over three years but who knows.

  9. three years?! jesus fucking christ.. i couldnt go more than 3 days without the ghanja
  10. I wish I had a toker buddy in my family. All of my cousins were brought up with the whole "weed is really bad but alcohol is okay" attitude.

    I'd really like to smoke a nice blunt before dinner today...but even without the blunt it's going to be delicious :yummy:

  11. oops i meant 3 months lol

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