Toking Traditions

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  1. Does anybody have any traditions before you toke? I'd love to hear all the different traditions/superstitions people have amongst their group :D

    Before we smoke out of Vincent (my awesome glass piece that looks like Starry Night) we listen to "Starry Starry Night".
  2. back when i was in high school me and my friends t, a, b, t, m, and a few randoms would go to b's, house every friday night and toke. B's parents owned a cottage and would go there EVERY weekend leaving B and his older brother alone for the weekend, so of course we toked there. We would set up in his garage with this old table with a semi broken leg lol, we would blaze in the garage for hours and play ps3. All 5 of use continued this tradition from grade 10 - 12, and even tho were all busy doing shit now we still try to meet uo on fridays and every time we do its a bomb time.
  3. wait wait wait, do you listen to the song, Vincent, by fucking Don Mclean????????? (goes by starry starry night, but thats not its true name)

    i have no traditions, but, i love you for knowing that song if thats the song your talking about lol
  4. uh mine is get my tin, open it up and get out all my equipment and commence blazing. Wish i had cool stories like you guys. i toke alone :(
  5. I grab as many chips and snacks as I can and a glass of ice cold coke zero to my room before i toke up. Everytime Im done toking I forget that i brought food and Im all like :D!!
  6. salt and vinegar chips, 2L of pop, and my bong. everytime.

  7. aye, thats the one :D i said starry night because i know thats what most people know the song by. But yeah, that's what my pipe's named after. I'll try to post pics of it sometime.

  8. Thats so epic hahah, i love that song, but i love Van Gogh even more hahahahahah
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    Geezus! That's so much soda rite there haha
  10. :Clean up the smoking space, clean the pipes (hate smoking in dirty spaces with dirty glass), find a good movie to watch on netflix or pick a good album to listen to, smoke up:smoke:
  11. +rep for the best kind of chips
  12. Yeah that sounds about like our ritual :)

    Amen to that sir :)
  13. Take my socks off
  14. I always setup my laptop, turn the TV on and grab munchies/drinks. I then proceed to smoke from whatever instrument I have handy.

    I go to my friends house and blaze 2-5 times a week and always roll a nice fat blunt for when I go.
  15. I smoke alone a lot so don't have any group traditions. My friends don't smoke and don't know I do...

    But I normally just make myself comfortable. put on a good movie or TV show and blaze.

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