Toking Tools Subforums?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by SoulessStoner, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Just a suggestion here; split up toking tools into two sub-forums: one for questions on pieces and one for people to post pictures of their collections and such.
  2. We have the Q&A now, no point in having two question sub-forums.
  3. Well, toking tools is there by itself. The current Q&A could be for general smoking questions while the toking tools Q&A could be geared towards buying pieces and asking questions about toking tools. And then you could have a section dedicated to people's collections and appreciation threads

    just my .02
  4. We are nowhere near done with the redesign and adding new forums so just sit tight and relax

  5. My exact thoughts. I think people would rather ask questions in areas where they think there are going to be experts (probably why so many idiots ask questions in seasoned).
  6. Whatever it is, I'm sure is for the better. Based on what I'm seeing now it will be more apparent to newer members as to what forum to post in.
  7. Posted it in another thread, but I want to see a direct link to Toking Tools like there is for Smoking and Usage, Chill Out Zone, etc. etc.

    I'm sure you guys have already thought of this, I just want to make sure.

    P.S. Moar smilies!



    ...ya know, if you've got free time...:p
  8. I see a Toking Tools Q&A now. Not sure if that was because of me or not (highly doubt it) but good job regardless :hello:
  9. @mods/ admin: you guys doing stash jar too?

    should do a bud section, concentrate, ect

    also agree with dirtridge on the smilies lol :bongin:
  10. Will you guys be updating the forum to the latest version of VBulletin?

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