Toking to Drive (driving under the influence of weed)

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    Yesterday I got busy sending trash to the re cycle center ..something new in my life?

    with the help of the local school kiddies, I dragged carried towed about 5000 jam jars and bottles from our village to this Gulag... a place just like out of Fallout 4
    I got so busy I forgot to have my 420 toke so come later I was still straight...again later I went to my sports club and later to the music club totally straight I told my buddies it was the first time in 10 years, I have been off the stuff for under 24h...Thinking I was working the Tolerance I looked forward to getting home

    later that night I get pulled over the breath tested, by the cops, the first time in 30 years? if ever.
    I don't drink they free me, I get home toke up then relized I may need weed to drive
    do you ever get that?

    Driving Under the Influence, of Marijuana
  2. I realise driving stoned I drive far less aggressively. Then not stoned I drive more aggressively and start getting anxious as Im doing 50mph down tight streets with cars inches to either side of me. Being stoned bring about caution - not for new/moderate smokers tho. Too smashed to drive properly. If ya smoke just to feel normal, then dont be surprised if cant do normal shit when not stoned.
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  3. Yeah man you said it I drive more agro than when blasted

    but any other time you asked I may well have said No..! lol
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  4. Lol im not allowed to drive because I have everyone drive to crazy for me in America. I always just ride shotty with my husband tho an that's pretty fun to because I can just look around & stuff...

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  5. ;) very profound
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  6. All the bloody idiots in the northern hemisphere drug driving are fking it up for us here in Australia. Just dont do it ffs, get a bike!
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  7. Only problem I have driving stoned is taking off from a light I'm to light on the gas while engaging the clutch.

    Know your limit and play within it
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  8. Congrats on 30 years is there a chip for that or is it just self gratification? I Know exactly how ya feel ended up sober the other night and didn’t feel like I could walk a strait line down the hall also had short term memory loss for a min.
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  9. I’m sorry I always drive high. I don’t think I would know how to drive any other way. I drive like I have a wedding cake in the car and my car is very incognito. Plus I’m like old and look like a professor or some other of the same type.
    I’m glad there was no trouble @vostok.
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  10. Really Sad & Disappointing to know that.
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  11. lol ok well I’m fine with it.
    I’ve got severe rheumatoid arthritis and complex regional pain syndrome (aka the suicide disease). I’m always stoned. It’s my medication if you want to call any of my 6 doctors. I’m 53 and never had a ticket in my life.
    You know what they say, how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice practice practice :)
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  12. Beautiful black cat in your avatar btw...
  13. its so easy to do like ... you toke up then remember you need to get something from the store,
    like you got the munchies?
    jump into the car drive off,
    only to be down the street by a mile and relize you are so so so wasted
    like a trap,
    not like you did it intentionelly
  14. No different than a drunk behind the wheel then
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  15. Indeed. Just a plain selfish act, stupid is as stupid does. I dont deal with stupidity plain and simple. Any disagreements on this post will just confirm my statement!
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  16. No one should be driving under the influence of anything. PERIOD.
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  17. E5523288-5795-4A64-B118-303AD05C1CD2.gif I’ll put my safety glasses on now as I see there’s flying glass everywhere.
    You guys might want to climb on out of your glass houses if you want to keep throwing stones.

    PS my grandmother was killed by a drunk driver. You talking apples and oranges. Do the research
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  18. “As legal marijuana spreads and the opioid epidemic rages on, the number of drugged drivers killed in car crashes is rising dramatically, according to a report released today.

    Forty-four percent of fatally injured drivers tested for drugs had positive results in 2016, the Governors Highway Safety Association found, up more than 50 percent compared with a decade ago. More than half the drivers tested positive for marijuana, opioids or a combination of the two.


    Using fatality data from the federal agency, Hedlund, the governors’ highway safety group’s consultant, found that 54 percent of fatally injured drivers that year were tested for drugs and alcohol. Of those who had drugs in their system, 38 percent tested positive for marijuana, 16 percent for opioids and 4 percent for both. The remaining 42 percent tested positive for a variety of legal and illegal drugs, such as cocaine and Xanax.
    An online survey in April by the department found that 69 percent of pot users said they had driven under the influence of marijuana at least once in the past year and 27 percent said they drove high almost daily. Many recreational users said they didn’t think it affected their ability to drive safely.

    In Washington state, a 2016 report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that fatal crashes of drivers who recently used marijuana doubled after the state legalized it.”

    Full article:

    Drugged Driving Deaths Spike With Spread of Legal Marijuana, Opioid Abuse

    Anyone who thinks it’s okay to drive high is a fucking retard. I hope that if they do get into a crash they’re the one who dies in the crash and the other person is not injured. This shouldn’t even be up for argument.
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    I already got a ticket for it. I can't get another one or I'll be losing my license to drive for a long time.
    I couldn't do the sobriety test bc it was raining and slippery outside. Since they felt I was impaired, I had to go in and pee in a cup. I hadn't even smoked that day.
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