Toking - the munchies - walmart - and the cops

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  1. I think this is a funny story so I'm going to tell it ... if I am wrong then I'm sorry to have wasted your time

    Once a friend and I were toking in the car. It was kinda late and all the fast food places were closed so we decided to go to Walmart since they're 24 hours and buy some munchie food. Well after goofing off in Walmart for a while and buying our food we decided it was time to leave. As we are leaving Walmart I'm looking for my keys and I can't find them ... thinking they're just buried in my purse I walk to the car and empty my purse on the hood. Well my keys weren't there and i look in the car and they are sitting on the edge of the drivers seat.:eek: Well like I said it was really late and my house is actually a good 30-40 minutes from the Walmart i was at. So I knew there was no way to get a spare key. Well after about 10 minutes of pure laughter and disbelief my friend and I come up with an idea. As you probably know (or maybe not) at Walmart they have at least one cop who patrols it at night. I really didn't want to deal with a cop considering i was high as hell and there was a roach in the car and we had just finished smoking in it not long before that. So we go back inside Walmart and wander around with all of our bags of munchie food until we find the cop. He was actually a halfway decent guy except for being high and trippin that he was gonna smell the weed when he opened to door. Well being the nice guy he was he had a slimjim (<< that's what they're called right?) and popped the door for me. Now maybe I was imagining things but this cop had to know we were high. He was f*cking with us! asking how something like that could happen why we were out so late -- and he kept joking about how hungry we must be because of all the junk food we had. After he opened the car though he just laughed and told us to get home safe. I don't know if he smelled the weed or not but I think he did b/c he stuck his head in the car and started laughing at us again ... who knows but I found it to be funny and as we smoked the rest of our blunt on the way home we had a good laugh ...:smoking:
  2. haha thats cool, wish all cops were that chill :p
  3. lol. he DID work at. wallmart
  4. Haha. That's awesome.
  5. i think he just solved the case :D

    good read:smoke:
  6. awesome.
    theres still a handful of nice cops out there i guess.
  7. Haha...grats on finding one of the few chill cops still left.
  8. sketch.

    dudes, I locked my keys in my car at school the other day when I got there. So when I got out, I spent about 5 minutes trying to pop it open using one of those wiry property flags, you know, like electric dog fences have. Well sooner or later the school cop comes over and tries with an actual slim jim for about 15 minutes. He can't get it. He apologizes, I say I've got a ride coming anyway and he leaves. Well, I pick up the flag again and keep trying and before he fucking leaves the parking lot I pop that shit open.

    America's finest :)
  9. sure that wasnt just a security guard? lol

    sounds to nice to be a cop
  10. Yeah I know he wasn't a security guard... he was a county cop. He was kinda old though so I think that's why he had the Walmart job ... who knows ... it worked out for me though
  11. He definitly knew that you were smoking ganja. I guess he was one of the good ones.

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