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Toking Rituals

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hcarter50, Nov 24, 2011.

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    So, do any of you guys ever notice that when you get high, you do certain things almost every time as if its a ritual...

    One of the things for me, is I'll decide to enjoy a cigarette after a good bit of bong rips from the trusty EHLE and then by the time I'm almost finish I will start thinking "Holy fuck, I have GOT to sit down RIGHT THE FUCK NOW" I dont know what it is, but it's like the most important thing in my life is to find like a chair and just sit down. Everything's rushing or maybe I just think it will solve all my problems. Not quite sure why I do it actually..

    Oh, and I make raps in my head haha.
  2. I play INXS albums backwards.:cool:
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    Does INXS end up like this?

  4. Wow, you just reminded me of another one... Haha if I'm getting blazed out, I'll start zoning in on the music hardcore... Then when one of my friends starts talking and stuff, I always end up interrupting and being like "C'mon man, just listen to this shit. It's fucking epic" or some shit about the music being deep because I'm blazed.
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    I'm really OCD about smoking from clean glass. Unless I am using them to vape, I clean my bongs daily with iso and salt either before or after I use them.

    If I am in a rush, sometimes I won't do it and never really notice a difference at all (so I know its overkill) but I guess its just like a habit at this point to have clean glass before I use it, so thats my ritual.

  6. OH MY GOSH!! ME TOOO!!!!!!!

    I clean my bongs, spoon, one hitters, and metal pipe every time I use it! I even clean my pipe mid session when the bowl needs refilling. I am very OCD with cleaning my pieces. :smoke:
  7. I grind up my weed in my grinder, get whatever piece I'm smoking out of, admire the design, pack it up, light some beeline, and rip it. When I used to live with my parents, I'd forego the grinder (even though I had one) and pick it apart using my fingers. That's about it, but I always admire the bud and piece before I commence.
  8. I usually shit my pants mid session.. Just a habit
  9. I jizz in the weed so it has more trichomes lolz
  10. I always write my GF poetry, which I would NEVER think to do sober
    I also eat a red, white, and blue Popsicle.

  11. Whenever I used to freak out a little (usually from drinking and THEN smoking, the other way around never bugs me out for some reason), I'd always go into my bathroom, turn on my girlfriend's hairdryer on high, and shave my face lol

    And whenever I listen to the radio while high driving, I turn down the music a little and freestyle over it. Sometimes I have some SICK raps but sometimes they're just garbage.
  12. Get a drink, turn some music on, get ice cold water, sit down, pour water into bong, load the bowl, smoke, drink, then chill. :D

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