Toking on the shitter...

Discussion in 'General' started by Soap, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Anyone else do this? I find it quite enjoyable.
  2. i dont smoke inside the house.
    but i can never do anything when i shit.
    if i bring a magazine, the shit doesnt take that long or i am trying too hard.
  3. you will hear nothing but positive things on this forum
  4. Nothin better then bringing a a small TV table in there so I can surf GC on my laptop and toke and shit! Its a wonderful trifecta!
  5. I did that as a kid.
    If i wanted to take a looong bath, i would drag my tv, and n64 and just chill.
    the good days of childhood.

  6. relive it man. hit up some modern video games in the tub
  7. Electronics in the tub!? Thats just asking for trouble:eek:
  8. thats what my mom said.
    but i did it any ways.
    because this is how i get down
  9. Dude the smell of the shit would ruin the taste, I couldn't do it.

    Taking a shit after smoking is another story.
  10. in my old apt there was an awesome fan in the bathroom and that's where we all smoked anyway so thats where i kept my bowl and some schwag. I found myself hitting the bowl everytime i took a dump. it was awesome. it makes long and annoying dumps, u know the kind when u sit and sit and sit and nothing comes out, amazingly interesting. and those really good dumps, u know the kind when you lose like 5 pounds and u've been eatting plenty of fiber, just grand. tmi?
  11. mix the THC with the endorphins that are realiesed after a fat dump

    and you r feelin good
  12. what was that african shit jug called?
  13. i love that feeling of relief after pushing a really really painful one out

    like that your insides are refreshed like an F5

    oh man... i always feel depressed when i have to poop... like everything in the world has a negative spin on it

    but as soon as i walk out of the bathroom after taking a poop my stance on life is renewed and refreshed... i lost 1 pound in the past ten minutes and it feels just great

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