Toking on the roof

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kr0nik, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Just yesterday me and my friends were skating at this park, theres no skateboards allowed but it was dark out and didnt think a cop would even be able to see us if they were to drive by. Anyways we chilled there smoked some bowls and continued to skate around when I came up with the idea to smoke a bowl on the roof of this building right near the park. I figured it would be fun, and i had just watched dazed and confused for the like the 100th time and remembered how they smoked a j on the 50 yard line and thought itd be cool to smoke a bowl on the roof of this building just for the fuck of it. Anyways we get there and realize how difficult it would be to get up there, so we stacked like 4 or 5 benches up and climbed up. It was cool you could see just over the tops of the trees, and see every car for the next mile or so coming down the road. Anyways we started to spark a bowl when we noticed a car pull into the park's parking lot where my car was parked. At first i couldnt distinguish what type of car it was, but as my eyes focused i realized it was a cop car. Immediately, i was like fuck we're sooo gonna get caught. So we all laid down on the roof just barely poping our heads up to see, as the cop shines a flashlight in my car to check around. After like 5 minutes he left again, and we finished the bowl and got down...Anyways i thought it was pretty epic at the time, but i was also laughing hysterically while we watched this cop, chances are i was just really high.
  2. Cool story bro! Fucking cops!
  3. haha nice dude how tall was the building?

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