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Toking In Your Room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fenriz, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Anyone else love smoking in your room? I find it a little more peaceful than some sketchy spot, although toking in the outdoors is always great.:smoking:
  2. I always smoke in my room. It's safest. Don't have to worry about a cop walking up, all my pieces are right in front of me, and can listen to tunes :D.
  3. Gotta agree with OP on this one, I've had my fair share of outdoor seshes. I recently moved out and let me tell you that it is DAMN rewarding at the end of the day to just sitback with some friends watching the Chapelle show, blazing some bowls comfortably on the couch.
  4. Wish I could but I can't with my religious parents. I do the bathroom air-vent shower method and haven't been caught ever.
  5. Chapelle show is so funny when your baked haha. Ever see the one where he acts like Prince?
  6. i love having a nice sesh in the forest with nature and some nice bong hits xD[​IMG]
  7. Used to when I smoked mids. Using the toilet-paper/ dryer sheet trick, covering the bowl with a quarter between hits, and blowing smoke out the window helped... until I started smoking exotics full time. I can't even think about hitting some good in my room without my parents barging down the door. Lol!
  8. i started toking a lot more when i moved into my own apartment... there's no better feeling, just so comfortable. you can eat whatever you want, watch whatever you want on TV, listen to any kind of music you want, or just go to sleep. i love having my own place.
  9. It's great when you don't have to follow a 12 step plan in order to not get caught.
  10. yeah hah. 90% of the time I smoke, it's in my room.
  11. i'm hoping to in my apartment next year. had a dorm, and a floor of some idiots and got caught because they were smoking and attracted the police. just not what the deal will be with neighbors and all. :p

    i'll probably use a mflb though anyways. can't risk getting caught again.
  12. Ive had to use a sploof many times. But i mostly smoke on my porch. Love being able to smoke when its raining. Idk but its so peaceful.
  13. i am smoking in my room now and I like it. But i also like to change my scenery pretty constantly so like go to the beach, in the woods, at a concert but i still do like doing it in my room.
  14. I love smoking inside. Outside is nice/different but I smoke most of the time in my room. Its relaxing, not much to worry about, I watch tv & listen to music. Have some drinks, there is no bugs to worry about flying into your drink, & Air Conditioning.. Ahh goood times! ;)
  15. I feel you guys, Ive pretty much always smoked in my room and have tried different methods. fan in the window facing outside, empty toilet paper roll with dryer sheets inside, towel under the door, etc. Gonna be moving out soon and you guys are getting me pumped up about being able to smoke without having a parent and siblings around. I'm gonna be moving in with roommates so i have to find some 420 friendly ones lol
  16. i just started smoking in my room cuz fuck it thats why
  17. Its difficult when youre 15 :[
    To smoke inside, at least.
  18. #18 iVapeTooMuch, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Are you 15?
  19. You could pretty much call my room the smoke den :smoke:
  20. i've smoked in my room plenty of times. sometimes it can be associated with minor paranoia, though. i don't know why it's uncomfortable for me. it feels like i usually end up thinking about what to do, as if what i normally do in my free time alone amounts to nothing and this bothers me. very strange perspective change

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