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Toking in your room is easier than i thought!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jawnski, May 24, 2010.

  1. Damn, i always read threads on how to toke in your room w/o leaving a trail. I was always to scared to try it. I cant wait until i move out. But last night i smoked in my room, and im gonna do it again in a few minutes.

    My set up was:
    -window open
    -ceiling fan on
    -1ft fan blowing diagonally out my window
    -one hitter with a cap to stop cherry

    It worked so well, after 2 hits i ditched the sploof and anti-cherry cap. The smell was literally gone in 10 mins. i topped it off with fabreez, and left my windows open over night just in case. When i was done, i chilled on the toilette :D for a little so i could go back in and check the smell with a re calibrated nose. I smelt nothing at all.

    I want to encourage anyone who thought about toking in their room to do it. I was to scared to do it for 3 month, and i finally took the plunge. It is SUPER easy to get away with. :smoking:

    ps... il report back when im high tonight to give an update on how its working.
  2. I've also done this with success, right out of my spoon. I also gave up the use of my sploof, but still try to tap out the cherry with my lighter. I don't even febreeze afterwards. All floats out the window =)
  3. I never thought there was much to it in the first place. Open window, light hit, blow out window. Apparently theirs some type of science to it now hahaha. Either way, good discovery.
  4. People get overly paranoid when they smoke in their rooms. The smell is not as bad as you think as long as you don't sit there smoking blunts/joints for hours. I feel spoiled by my magic flight launch box since I can just get high with my door open now and not worry about the smell.

  5. Damn it you just convinced me to order one. Ive had it with hearing about how awesome these things are, im gettin one.
  6. Two of my friends tried it a few days ago and both want to get one. It's the best investment you will ever make. I've been high 24/7 for the past 5 days and used like .5-.8 grams. The money you save on weed will pay for the mflb in no time.
  7. There is another step I would recommend: air freshener afterwards just in case.
  8. I was coming in here to pimp the Launch Box as well haha. Great vape. I use mine all day and there is never a smell at all. No spoof or fabreeze needed. Perfect stealth tool.
  9. I'm glad you've realized that toking in your room is not very dificult and is very enjoyable. About vapes though, I'm looking into buying a one soon. should I get this or one of the hand held ones?
  10. first 5 hits of the night done, completely smelless:cool:
  11. I used mine in a movie theater which is perfect because the vape gives off the smell of popcorn anyway.
  12. well a one hitter doesn't really smoke like a joint or a blunt. you will get away with that easier then a joint.
  13. hmmm ive always read that joints were worst, and one hitters were best scent wise
  14. true. i just wanted to bring up why its easy for you to get away with it. be careful when you smoke there!
  15. The magic flight is a portable one and it's amazing. $100 is nowhere near what this thing is worth.
  16. damn that is full of win!!!
  17. Plus the warranty is second to NONE. Lifetime warranty. Even if it's your fault, all you have to do is email them, they ask for a picture of the damage, then they send you a replacement. They really have great customer service.

    I've also used mine in a movie theater haha. Saw Iron Man 2 and Freddy all ripped up with this thing lol. The back row has become my new spot in movie theaters.
  18. Iv'e never wanted to smoke in my room because whenever i was vaping and accedentally blew back it smelled so strong that even with the window open it attracted everyones attention, i figured smoking would produce a similer situation but perhaps the smell is not as pungent?
  19. #19 Totah Sam, May 24, 2010
    Last edited: May 24, 2010
    There are two problems with that and they both have to do with air current.

    1. The wind may not be in your favor tonight and it can blow the smoke right back in. Especially if there is another window in the house open that can create a cross draft. You're fucked then.
    2. The eddies in the air current can carry the smoke to your air-conditioning unit or into another window in the house. Or (worst case scenario) into your Republican bible-bashing neighbor's window and they call the cops.

    Easiest fix? Get a paper towel roll. Stuff it with dryer sheets the stronger the smell, the better. Blow smoke through dryer sheet filter. Out comes flowery incense smelling smoke. Your room smells good for days. The best method is to continue blowing it out the window but still use the dryer sheet filter. No mess, no smell. You're all good.
  20. Don't get too cocky, don't want to get caught :p

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