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Toking in the bathroom?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spoofy, May 11, 2010.

  1. So im about to go have a shower and i feel like a joint :)

    I don't have these "febreeze" things you guys talk about but would making the shower really hot so theres lots of steam, putting on the fan and blowing the smoke out the window be enough to not smell it (there is a fly screen also, so i cant duck my head outside which sucks seeing as its a joint and not a spoon <which im planning on buying soon>)

    Tips/Corrections ?? TY !
  2. It will still smell. If you're worried about stealth get a one hitter, don't smoke a joint. Better yet, get your own place to smoke in.
  3. Smoking anything rolled inside is going to reek no matter what.

    Go outside...
  4. Or use a bowl, snuff it after every hit so there's no excess smoke wandering around. Spray some air freshener, if anyone asks it's because you took a huge dump.
  5. I read a lot of people smoke in the shower on here for stealth, just do some searching.
    But it's your risk.

    Two corrections I might add if you do try it are;

    1) Put a towel under the door.

    2) Spray body spray (Axe? Cologne?) afterwords.

    3) Maybe find something better then a joint to smoke from as they give off more smoke.

    Maybe maybe a quick apple or tomato pipe? You can make the bowl exactly how big you want it by carving it out then, then take something long and narrow stick it right through the middle and all the way to the other side. When you are done taking your hit, press down on the burning bud with your finger lightly to get it to go out (or you could add a carb which just take a few more seconds)
  6. 1) Get a small pop bottle

    2) Stuff as many drier sheets in the end as you can without it touching the mouth piece

    3) Wrap one over the end and tape it to prevent them from all blowing out

    4) Blow your tokes through this and they smell like fresh laundry.

    FYI: Do not get any drier sheet residue on the neck of the bottle, it tastes like absolute horse shit.
  7. If you inside go with a glass piece.
  8. if i were you i would go to my local head shop and get a one hitter (metal or glass) and use that in the bathroom. its not to much smoke to make you cough and if you blow through toilet paper or drier sheets then there is little to no smell.
  9. Why smoke in the bathroom man just step outside, it's not even like it's chill in there or anything
  10. One of the things I use to cover smell is called "Ozium". Its what some hospitals, at least down here in Miami area use, to cover or remove of smell. Spray it on the carpet or in the air once, and it'll last a good while, and you'll be fine.

    Turning on the water isn't going to help much. Just try different things to see what happens.
  11. Bahaha fer real tho:hello:
  12. I smoked for the first time in my apartment, got blazed, and it didn't smell, after a sploof, a number 2, a bunch of steam, a bit of febreeze, and axe body spray.

    No room mates will care now.

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