Toking in the Bahamas!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lexos, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Ok some of you may have heard my story, but for those who haven't, I live in the Bahamas now!

    That's right, a naval base in Andros Island! Work is easy, free trailer, free air conditioning, free water... etc!

    I can go off-base, buy a couple blunts and just walk onto the beach and toke all night. Got high everyday for the past month with my friends, passing the backwoods around the picnic table not 10 feet off the shore.
  2. You're active military?

  3. not if he's smoking weed every night
  4. I know people in the National Guard who smoke quite a bit. They get drug tested but he has it down to smoke for a week or so then detox.
  5. Can I come visit!
  6. I know people in the army that do
  7. Very jealous
  8. I work as a store clerk for the Store on base, lol. My StepDad is the Owner.
  9. Nice OP sounds like a great life! I went to the bahamas last year and got offered some smoke - just didnt wanna risk it being a cruise ship passenger lol

  10. sweet deal :smoke:

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