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Toking before class?? Teachers??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ayotex, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. So my first 2 periods are jokes, 2 businesses that are really boring.

    wondering if i should smoke before the classes, or if its a rly bad idea, i sit pretty close to where the teacher is, so he'd be looking at me a lot of the time. I don't plan on smoking till im retarded, just to chill more.

    do you think he would notice, and if he did, even care? and what kinda trouble would i get in if he did.

    I would be using visine
  2. visine=covered.

    Except when you wreak of weed...
  3. visine, and doing your homework. if you get good grades in the class and look a little glazed nobody'll care, but if you start failing and look a little glazed they'll search your shit.
  4. If you use visine you'll be fine, i used to do it at lunch or in the morning and go to school. No teacher is going to inspect your eyes and they will not smell you unless you have it on you. So go for it man :smoke:
  5. Solid.

    I used to do it back in grade 11 but that was different. No1 cared at my old school. Where i am now is full of anti pot nazis
  6. Sounds like shit man, some people are just ignorant.
    If your new school is that strict and shit maybe watch out more. I never went to college so I can't help you there.
  7. I smoked up before class/school at lunch I'd just go on a blunt ride to McDonalds or someshit...

    I stayed high in HS :laughing:
  8. Bring some cologne and Visine with you and you're good to go.
  9. I bake blunts in my car before walkin into class and honestly the only problem I have ever had was in High School. And all they did was yell at me telling me I was high, till they obvioiusly had to give it up cause any jokester knows naht to bring that green in with them :hello:

    In college though....nahhhhhh your with adults, you get your shit done and dont cause distractions then whats really the problem?

    All in all dont stress it bro its just weed

  10. In HS did they ever call ur rents up?
  11. I have been smoking up before school, which is high school for me, for the first time and ive been blowing all my hits into my shirt:D so basicly ive been reeking of weed with red eyes the past 2 weeks with no problems :smoke:
  12. dude im in college and i toke before any school related stuff, otherwise im fidgiting the whole class
  13. Key thing, make sure you don't let too many people know, then rumors will spread, and teachers always catch on. Friends will also crack marijuana jokes, and shit.
  14. I toke before school all the time, wake up and smoke like 2 blunts then take a quick shower and head out so then the smell is gone
  15. I work at the school, so I usually toke in the shower, get ready, go to work blazed and then go to class. University is tight like that :)
  16. i do it all the time without visine and no one ever said anything.
    just be sure not to be a retard like i was and bring your sack to school and get caught not even cool 1. you lose your weed, 2. you get in a whole lot of shit lol i was mostly mad about losing my shit
  17. Just use common sense and youll be fine
  18. man im repeating 11th grade and i walk into class stoned as hell and nobody says a word cause they all like the contact high they get from my jacket dude light up and toke away you good just dont bring nuthin you cant live without cause wen they take that shit you cant get it back:smoke:

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