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Toking at Lollapalooza?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Floyd Pepper, May 7, 2009.

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    Alright so this summer me and some friends are making our first trip to Lollapalooza in Chicago. I'm just wondering how stringent they are there on smoking. Will I be okay if I'm discreet, watch for cops, duck down then try to take a quick hit off my spoon? Or should I just roll a joint or blunt? Or should I be real secretive and pack my stash into cigarettes?

    I'd prefer to be able to smoke with my spoon of course, but I'll take the time to roll if I need to.

    How careful are they for watching out for weed smoking anyway?

    And any tips for sneaking my stuff in?
  2. just stay in the crowd at the stage and make sure your neighbors are cool with it.
  3. I went last year. Your'e prolly better off rolling a couple blunts, n like nastynas said, just stay in the crowd and you'll be cool
  4. Alright that's what I figured.

    Just couldn't not go this year, the lineup is amazing.

    Do they search you very well at the entrance?
  5. only if u got a bag or something on you, and even then, they dont search em all that well.

    And yeah, the lineup this year looks dope
  6. tooooooolll

    wish i could make it, but no $$ and transportation

    there will probably be a huge cloud of pot smoke a couple hours into it man, i would bring rolled herb to be on the safe side though
  7. Well bringing my stuff already rolled is a given I was just wondering if they'd be able to feel a few blunts on the inside of my jacket.

    If I were to take a bag though I really doubt they'd find it it if were in my shoe. Never been patted down there before.

    Yeah anyone else going? What's your lineup?

    So far I've got Animal Collective, Tool, Fleet Foxes, TV On The Radio, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, Glasvegas, Deerhunter, and for the hell of it maybe I'll go see Snoop.
  8. Yeah, Animal Collective is nuts.

    I went to Bonnaroo last year, im assuming theyre similar. They searched us at the gates to where the stages and tents are:

    -You can put your spoon under the waistband of your boxers but over your jeans. (Assuming you are a guy.)

    Its a really simple way to get it through. They make you take everything out of your pockets and hold it in your hands, then they feel your front pockets. And they check under hats and in cigarette boxes. You can:

    - Do the trick with the spoon i said above with your weed also.
    - Sneak joints in your wallet (Busting these out in concerts is killer.)
    - Shoes, probably not really necessary.

    Anyway, we smoked before during and after every concert, everywhere in Centeroo (where all the stages are.) We were on the very front far left side for most concerts and the staff could see and didnt care. Only one guy said something, but that was at Yonder Mountain String Band so we just walked away from him, bowl still in rotation.
    Bonnaroo kicked ass.

    Anyway man, have fun.
  9. It sucks that they check inside cigarette boxes. My friend has a nifty abbility to seal anything with a plastic wrapping. I was going to put some blunts in the box then reseal it like new. Do you think they'd actually open up a seemingly new pack?

    Also I was thinking of just have my friend throw some rolled stuff down her bra.

    Thanks for the advice with my spoon though.
  10. Welcome man.

    The bra thing will work, and i bet the cig thing would too so long as it was believable.
  11. i just went to a small all day music festival, and all they did was pat your pockets. inside, policemen watched people toked on j's and even joked around. (arkansas cops are not known to be lenient on smokers)
  12. I've gone to lolla the past couple years, and smoking is not a problem at all. The cops just stay around the perimeter trying to prevent people from hopping the fences (even though like 10,000 people got in that way each day), so they dont really bother anyone. When you go in, they quickly glance in your bag but dont pat you down at all. If u dont have a bag no one will stop you at all. Ive known people who bring in like whole handles, they just put them on the bottom of a backpack and cover them with a blanket, security doesnt bother rumaging through the bag, just a quick glance. But your better off keeping it on your person, no chance of being caught at all

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