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Toking at Home

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PhillyPhanatic, May 21, 2010.

  1. My room is at the top of my house and everyone else is on the next level down. If I closed all my doors and smoked inside, keeping the J outside and blowing smoke out that anyone would be able to smell anything the day after or that night?
  2. If the wind is blowing at 2mph in an eastward direction and I release flatulence will the smell reach the nostrils of my neighbors parakeet?
  3. if your trying to be sneaky, a joint is going to produce so much extra smoke off the end that you cant blow in the other direction..... and its gonna make your hands stank a lank for a couple mins, so....if you HAVE to use a super careful to keep it as far away as possible to the window/keep the window was closed as possible with your arm sticking out to keep smoke from getting in..... need some fabreeze it sounds like hahahhaa
  4. Probably not, but I strongly recommend doing that with a pipe. Spray febreeze or xomething after you're done.

  5. Thanks, i have some spray to use, that usually does the job. Also, does anyone know how to make a homemade pipe, I haven't got one.
  6. search the forum for home made pipes man, you will defs find one you can make with whatever you got layin around
  7. got an apple?

    [ame=]YouTube - How to Make an Apple Pipe[/ame]

    My friend used to swear that you could get higher by eating it after you're done. I never tried it, honestly. I just got glass...
  8. What I don't get is why don't you just go outside, I mean it is starting to get really nice out.

    But if you gotta, take the screen off your window (assuming you have a screen) and just hang the joint out the window when you're not hitting it. also stick head out window and blow. And after that joint is done, get/make a piece and don't roll a j planning on smoking it inside.

  9. Yeah I was gonna explain that, it's really nice outside its true but as I said in a previous thread my neighbours are obsessive voyeurs.

  10. ICD-10 F65.3 :laughing:

  11. Rep points for that my friend. Hillarious.
  12. just go outside

  13. why post if you arent gunna help the op at all:confused: but to the op, i live in the attic in my house, so everyone is one level below me as well and non pot friendly...what i do is first, dont use the joint...that shit is gunna stink a lot, your best bet is a homeade pipe (apples work) or a lightbulb vape (search youll find how to make it) and smoke by a window so you can blow all smoke out...i use a window fan to ensure all smoke is sucked out, then when im done, close the window and spray febreeze...i have been doing this for the past couole years while commuting to college and living at home and have never even had a close call...hope that helps
  14. Use some fucking glass man..If you are worried about the smell or w/e, why the hell would you smoke a jay?
  15. Uhm, we're not telling you to go directly in front of your neighbor's house. Just take a walk around the neighborhood, and roll your joint as straight as possible, with the whitest papers (to make it look more like a sig).

    Seriously, dude. Common sense.
  16. toilet paper roll steamroller FTW. its what i use to toke at home now. ive never smoked a joint or blunt in my parents house before, because i think itd produce way too much smell, but you could try i guess.
  17. IF your gonna blaze in your room also don't forget to stuff the bottom or your door with a sweater or pillow or something just as an extra precaution...that is assuming your door isn't a staircase.

  18. As long as it goes out the window, you're fine. My parents live across the hall from me, so here's what I do - I close the door, block the crack at the bottom with a towel, and turn off my ceiling fan. Then, I open the window, blow all of my smoke outside and spray lysol everywhere. I have had no problems whatsoever. If you are REALLY paranoid, you could try a sploof - a bunch of dryer sheets jammed into a tp roll or cardboard tube. Kills the smell

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